Here’s How Liberty Students REALLY Felt About Ted Cruz Speech: ‘This Is Embarrassing’ (SCREENSHOTS)

On Monday, Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for President at Liberty University. While it may appear that he had a gigantic audience of thousands of eager young conservatives, the truth is that those present didn’t like Cruz as much as it seemed.

Liberty University students were forced to attend the Cruz announcement, which happened during the school’s Monday Convocation — a meeting at which attendance is compulsory. Students who do not attend face punishments and fines — and failing to “participate” as expected can lead to harsh punishments and lighter wallets, as well.

Liberty University’s handbook outlines some downright insane penalties for various “infractions.” At the school, the simple act of attending an R-rated movie can incur a fine of $50, and attending a dance or smoking a cigarette can cost students $25. Failure to attend Cruz’s political rally is slightly less costly — $10 — but, to college students who are being fleeced financially for simply being teenagers already and who have extremely limited incomes, $10 is a lot of money. As the school expected Cruz to be loved, failing to even applaud could be considered a lack of participation, as well.

This forced attendance and cheerleading becomes quite evident when one views students’ remarks on YikYak, a popular cell phone app among college students that allows users to post anonymously.

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Many students razzed the senator for his repeated use of the word “imagine”:

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Were there die-hard conservatives present? Of course. But the conversation on YikYak shows that Cruz did not quite have the enthusiastic support he hoped to convince the country he had.

Cruz, judging from poll numbers, is virtually unelectable. In fact, the Right doesn’t seem “sold” on any single candidate. A Quinnipiac University poll conducted March 13-15 reveals that, while Jeb Bush leads the pack of potential Republican frontrunners at 16 percent, Cruz only manages a paltry 4 percent — just two percentage points behind “no one,” and tied with “someone else.”

Cruz truly is the Sarah Palin of this election — too crazy to be taken seriously, too dangerous to completely ignore, and too delusional to realize that his entire campaign is simply a convoluted audition for a position on Fox News in 2017.

Eventually, Cruz will realize that faking support will not get him far — even with the ignorant sheep on the Right.

Featured Image via PoliticusUSA