Jeb Bush Had Second, Undisclosed Email Address While Governor Of Florida

Well, well, well… Looks like Jeb Bush has an undisclosed email account, as well.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that undisclosed email accounts are likely pretty common amongst politicians. Nevertheless, because of the large to-do Hillary Clinton is facing over one, it’s going to be dog eat dog for anyone in the presidential race who tries to keep such a thing hidden from the public eye.

According to the Associated Press, Bush’s undisclosed email account comes from his time as the governor of Florida. Of course, questions are pouring forth like an artesian well regarding politicians and email addresses now, but is anyone terribly surprised, really? The problem for Jeb, of course, is that he tries to sell himself as a “transparent” politician.

And if you believe that he’s got some real estate he’d love to sell you right there in Florida.

Nevertheless and funny enough, Bush made quite an impression by releasing thousands of emails back in December from his time as governor. However, AP discovered that [email protected] is not the only email address used by the former governor. He received over 400 emails in a 5-year period between 1999 and 2004 at [email protected], before leaving office in 2007.

Still, it’s not so bad for Jeb, actually. He never really sent any emails from that address, and according to records, he replied to the messages he received there through his primary email account. A majority of that correspondence took place in 1999 and dwindled from there.

It’s also fair and important to note that AP claims no wrongdoing was found regarding Bush’s undisclosed account. Interestingly, Bush spokesperson Kristy Campbell also states that Jeb was entirely unaware of the address, though how he responded to the emails received there with his primary address without knowing about the second account is hard to imagine.

Politicians’ email practices have become a hot topic as of late, due to Hillary Clinton failing to disclose a private email address she used during her time as Secretary of State, as recently reported by the New York Times. Clinton used a private account rather than her government-issued address, adding to the secretive reputation the Clintons have, not to mention their penchant for scandal. Hillary failing to disclose a personal email account she used instead of her government account is too hot for the media to leave alone.

Of course, finding herself enveloped in scandal once again, and so early into her presumed presidential run, isn’t helpful to Clinton, but it does help her that Bush has flubbed up in the same regard, even in this terribly minor manner. reports that Clinton maintains that she, also, “broke no rules and will make all appropriate nonsensitive emails public.”

Also helpful to Clinton in the midst of this email scandal (not that it is remotely enough to take down her presidential run, anyway), is the fact that Jeb Bush has been in the hot seat for emails in the past, himself. Post 9/11, Bush used a personal email account to correspond on issues related to national security. It also took him over seven years to meet Florida’s statutes mandating that all email records of Florida governors are to be given to the state.


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