Rick Perry Says He’s A ‘Netanyahu Guy,’ Not An ‘Obama Guy’ (VIDEO)

Sometime over the last few months, the United States has gained a second president. This one was clearly not born in the U.S. In fact, he’s never even lived in this country.

Our second president doesn’t care about America’s poor or middle class. He doesn’t care about whether our children are educated. The only time our second president cares about domestic issues at all is if the money spent on them takes away from money budgeted for Israel or for wars in the Middle East.

Naturally, that second president is Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu. In many ways, Netanyahu has long been behind many of the U.S.’s policies. Israel is behind our Middle East policies. Support for Israel has long been a key to both the Jewish vote and to protecting our oil interests in the Middle East.

Evangelical Christians, especially those who believe in the end times, believe that Israel and the conversion of the Jewish people are key to the upcoming rapture.

For Republicans, support for Israel hits their top constituents – religious nuts and war mongers. It’s only been in recent months, though, that they’ve turned Israel’s Prime Minister into a Republican and like any Republican of late, he’s used as some sort of anti-Obama.

Rick Perry sees him as an anti-Obama. In Bloomberg Politics, Perry was asked if he was “more a Netanyahu guy or an Obama guy.” Yes, that was a serious question. Perry’s answer, of course, was that he was a Netanyahu guy.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via Bloomberg Politics video.