FRC President Tony Perkins Threatens ‘Christian Uprising’ If Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

Tony Perkins, the rabid homophobe who is the President of one of the most notoriously hateful anti-LGBT groups in the nation, has crawled out from under his rock this week to opine on what will happen if marriage equality comes to all 50 U.S. states. However, Perkins may have gone too far this time. His statements seem to actually indicate that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of equal marriage this June, that anti-LGBT Christians will resort to violence in protest.

On his Washington Watch program this past Friday, Perkins said, while speaking to a caller, of the reaction to nationwide marriage equality:

“I think. . . your point about Christians rising up, I think we are getting close to that in this country as we see increasingly this growing hostility at the hands of our own government toward Christianity and I think especially if the court imposes upon the nation a redefinition of marriage.

I don’t think the nation is going to accept it, I absolutely don’t, and the conflict that is going to come as a result of it.”

Well, Mr. Perkins, the thing is, you don’t get to force other people to live by your extremist version of Christianity. Nobody is trying to take your views away. No matter how bigoted and misguided they may be, you are certainly entitled to have them. However, what you are doing now is inciting violence from the airwaves, and if it comes to fruition, you and all of you holy-rolling Christian soldiers will be arrested for it.

Perkins went on to direct Christians to engage in 21 days of prayer on the issue, between Easter and the time when the Supreme Court hears the marriage equality oral arguments this coming June. After that, though, his statements seemed to directly call for violence from his fellow Christians, when said that it is time for he and his fellow warriors for Christ “to get up out of our prayer closet and put feet to our prayers.”

Again, Mr. Perkins, inciting violence is illegal. If anything comes of this, you and your followers aren’t going anywhere but to prison. I hate to break it to you, but the Supreme Court isn’t going to take its directives from a known hate group leader. You’ll be going to jail if any violence results from your statements. Personally, that’s an outcome I’d love popping plenty of popcorn to watch unfold.

H/T: Gay Star News | Featured Image: Gage Skidmore on Flickr via Creative Commons