Chilling Audio With Student’s Last Words To Cop Released: ‘So You Are Going To Shoot Me?’ (VIDEOS)

In December 2013 a campus cop, shot honor student Cameron Redus dead in front of his Alamo Heights, Texas apartment at around 2:00 in the morning. Redus was a 23-year-old senior who would have graduated from Roman Catholic University of the Incarnate Word in the spring of 2014.

The details of the case remain murky, because of course Cpl. Chris Carter didn’t have his dash cam turned on. He claimed he stopped Redus for speeding and driving erratically, and that he had to shoot because Redus acted drunk and belligerent. Apparently, white privilege doesn’t go as far as it used to. Still, five shots seems rather excessive.

Fast forward nearly a year and three months later: KENS 5 reports that the Bexar County grand jury as usual declined to indict Carter on Tuesday. But the court did release a 13-minute audio recording of the encounter on Thursday.

In the audio, the more than 13-minute confrontation plays out. The video of the incident only shows the back seat of Carter’s police truck. A front-facing camera in the truck was not operational, investigators have previously said.

KENS 5 adds that Redus’ parents had demanded the release of this audio for over a year.

KENS 5 is publishing a transcribed version of the video for our viewers. The audio was released by the Alamo Heights Police Department in response to a KENS 5 open records request. The Redus family lawyer has heard the recording. The family has fought for this recording to be released to the public for more than a year.

The audio begins after Carter pulled Redus over for speeding. But things seem off-kilter from the get-go: Carter immediately begins treating Redus roughly, and orders Redus to get out of his car and to put his hands down on the hood.  Things quickly escalated with Redus protesting that Carter was scaring him and Carter responding as though Redus was resisting arrest and acting more brutal, intimidating and coercive.

Carter: Stop it (yelling). Stop (yelling). Stop (yelling).
Redus: You’re (expletive) choking me dude.
Carter: Stop (yelling). Stop (yelling).
Redus: You just tried to (expletive) choke me.
Carter: Stop (yelling). Stop (yelling). Or I will shoot (yelling). Stop (yelling).
Redus: You’re going to (expletive) shoot me?Carter: Stop or I will shoot (yelling).
Redus: You’re going to (expletive) shoot me.
Carter: Stop (yelling).Redus: For trying to make you not choke me right now?
Carter: Stop (yelling). Don’t put your leg up (yelling). Stop resisting (yelling).
Redus: Are you going to shoot me?

The presence of another officer may have defused the situation. Alas, Carter had radioed in the wrong address. The horrific encounter ended when Redus called Carter ‘You piece of s***,” and Carter then fired six shots. Here’s the video with the news report and audio clips with Redus’ last words with Carter from KENS 5.

And here’s the full 13-minute audio from KENS 5.

Here’s KENS 5’s transcript of Redus’ fatal encounter with Carter.

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Photo of Cameron Redus, the college student who was shot by Cpl. Chris Carter: The Redus Family/San Antonio Current.