Senate Republicans Pass Sadistic Budget: End Medicare, Slash Food Stamps, Increase Military Spending

Early Friday morning, Senate Republicans passed their version of the budget and it was a whopper!

…an end to the Affordable Care Act; a Medicare system transformed, with vouchers for older adults to purchase private insurance; Medicaid and food stamps cut back drastically and turned over to the states; and a simplified tax code with a far lower top income tax rate.

I’m not sure I could summarize the entirety of the GOP’s economic plan for America except for perhaps: Fuck the poor.

Oh, and just in case it wasn’t clear how much they despise the people they’re supposed to be representing? They also want to cut funding for education because why educate the kids you want to strip healthcare and food from anyway?

The icing on top of this vomit flavored cake is the multibillion dollar increase to military spending. So while Republican bemoan the cost of feeding the hungry and caring for the sick, they’re gleefully throwing more money at the Pentagon to wage war. Thank you, Republicans, for so clearly spelling out what it is you stand for going into the 2016 election cycle.

The only two Republicans that didn’t vote for the budget were Rand Paul and Ted Cruz although it’s unclear whether they didn’t think it went far enough in punishing Americans or if they decide it would be electoral suicide to put their name on it. Shockingly, no Democrats voted for it. Also, the chances of President Obama signing it are just about zero.

So what was the point? On the one hand, this budget is everything conservatives could ever want. Despite the fact that red states are the ones that rely most on food stamps and Medicaid, conservative voters hate the idea of any of that money going to poor black people. To stop this travesty of justice, they will happily vote Republican next year to make it happen. Some part of their Fox News-addled minds has to know that cuts to social programs won’t just affect minorities but they’re so consumed with hate that they apparently don’t care.

Republicans know this and so have every incentive to be as cruel as possible.

On the other hand, this budget practically writes its own campaign ads for the Democrats:

In 2015, Republicans voted to end Medicare, take food away from millions of hungry children and cancel the health insurance policies of millions of Americans so they could give billions of dollars to the Pentagon. Is that the kind of America YOU want to vote for?

And every word of it is true.

Of course, that depends on the “liberal” media actually reporting on what’s in the budget and reporting it accurately. This is not really their strong suit these days. So the right wing gets its red meat and Republicans pay little to no price for voting for greed and war.