Anti-Obamacare Sheriff Now Says He Needs $60,000 For Medical Bills, Still Refuses To Get Insurance

Not content to merely cut off his nose to spite his face, an Arizona conservative sheriff has chopped off his whole head to spite Obama.

Recently, Sheriff Richard Mack, who brands himself as the “Constitutional Sheriff,” had a major heart attack. Thankfully, he survived, but was left in crippling debt from medical expenses. No problem, you might think. The new healthcare laws under the Affordable Care Act help prevent this exact thing from happening. Mack is just luckily he had his heart attack after the law was enacted.

. . .but not so fast. Mack never got health insurance under the ACA. He abstained from becoming insured as an expression of protest against the “socialist” Obamacare. Or as Mack put it on a recent radio show:

Well, I don’t care what you call it, it’s a socialistic program that I totally disagreed with and still do, and as a free — I think you and I specifically mentioned this — if I had the right to choose for myself, then it would be different. But government forcing me and forcing the rest of the country to compassionate —— compassion and charity does [sic] not come at the end of a gun from the IRS.

As such, he is liable for the full expenses of his medical treatment. His family estimated it would probably cost around $30,000. So because he didn’t have insurance, Mack’s family turned to the public to raise the money to bail him out of this self-made financial crisis.

Mack got his $30,000 from strangers – although not the ones he probably assumed would come to his defense. In a surprising turn, instead of like-minded anti-Obummers, thousands of people contributed with the nearly-universal message of “We’re helping you out because you made a mistake, but please sign up for health insurance!”

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Having just received tens of thousands of dollars from people across the country, one might assume Mack would be feeling both grateful and a bit embarrassed. That doesn’t appear to be the case. In fact, the only lesson he seems to have learned was that people would give him money if he begged them. So rather than take his contributors’ advice, Mack doubled his request: He wants a nice, even $60,000 from you.

Let’s go again!! The goal of this GoFundMe is to help Sheriff Mack and his wife pay all of their hospital and medical recovery bills and basic living expenses for a few months so that they can return to service stronger than ever. We are all grateful for each person who helped reach and exceed the first milestone of $30k. Let’s go to second base … on to 60. Thank you so much!

“Let’s go again!!” The “Constitutional Sheriff” has become the ultimate moocher. The irony burns.

What is most galling in all of this is that Mack isn’t without a lifeline that didn’t require him to ask the rest of us for pity money. Obamacare has been there for him the whole time, if he would just swallow his pride and accept it. Perhaps hoping to grease the wheels a bit, Wonkette actually walked readers through the easy steps it would take to get Mack signed up for health insurance even now. Again, thanks to the new laws, Mack isn’t prevented from acquiring health insurance because of a pre-existing condition (say, a massive heart attack he just had), so all he has to do is sign up.

According to Wonkette:

We began by finding out what the hell kind of zip codes they have in Graham County, Arizona, anyway, and then we typed those numbers into the thingy. We also asked if we qualified for a “Special Enrollment Period,” because what’s the harm?

We checked “No” for all the potentially qualifying conditions, except for “Had a change in income,” which we believe is accurate and consistent with the best practices of mommyblog journalism.

We then submitted our questionnaire, and we expected to be denied immediately. Because, right? No way it was that easy, we thought as we drank a leftover domestic macrobrew we found on a ring of something sticky in the fridge. It could not possibly be as easy as telling a website, “sorry, am broke now, health insurance pleez!”

And what do you know, a message comes back saying Mack would likely be approved for a “Special Enrollment Period.” So to review: Literally the only thing stopping Mack is his own arrogance.

While it may be hard to watch Mack learn hard lessons on his own, I think it’s time we stop bailing him out. After all, “tough love” is probably something Sheriff Mack advises for criminals, so why not try it out on the criminally dense?

Feature image via YouTube screengrab