Insane Right-Wing Blogs Freak Out Over Pretend Invasion Of American Southwest

So, it appears that martial law is imminent, as a three-month long military operation in the southwestern U.S. gets underway this summer. It targets U.S. cities, and sees just how well our military can blend in to the general population. Operation Jade Helm 15, which would be all over the news if the mainstream media were not in thrall to Obama, is surely a clear sign that the President wholly intends on becoming a horrific dictator and forcing us all into FEMA camps. Wake up, people!

This is what the right-wing conspiracy sites want us to believe, anyway. Jade Helm is a real operation, yes, and the nature of the exercise can be a little unsettling, especially if you don’t know what’s going on. It’s designed to simulate a Middle Eastern war zone inside of America, according to Gawker. Images that Gawker posted include what people in the Southwest can expect, such as suspicious activity and an increased military presence, among other things.

Some soldiers will be in plainclothes, driving civilian vehicles, and blending into the general population as best they can. It involves seven states total, which hold different designations depending on their parts in the exercise.

Jade Helm and “hostile territory.”

Jade Helm designates these seven states as hostile, permissive, or uncertain. Utah and Texas are considered “hostile,” along with far southern California. InfoWars fixated on that designation, saying:

The Army has failed to specifically address why Texas, Utah and a pocket of southern California were labeled as hostile territories in training documents for the exercise, merely insisting that the drill is designed to prepare troops for foreign occupations and has nothing to do with preparations for martial law.

InfoWars would be asking this question no matter which states were designated “hostile.” The article goes on to say that, despite assurances that this is merely a training exercise, Army documents prove that there’s a clear plan in place for martial law. So, obviously, this is phase one of that plan!

Jade Helm and martial law.

Liberty News is another site that seized on Jade Helm as a precursor to martial law. Calling it an “illegal operation,” they have several long block quotes from various sources, treating them as a type of smoking gun. They said:

The Department of Defense claims [Jade Helm drills] are innocent drills aimed at giving special forces a better view of operations in highly populated urban areas. That said, the size, scale and scope of Jade Helm certainly leads one to believe there is something else at the core of the actions. 1,200 special forces operating in seven states with the intention of testing their ability to be in urban areas undetected?

Come on now. Think about that for a moment.

We are. We’re thinking about it hard. If Obama was going to declare martial law, take all our guns, and put every god-fearing Christian conservative into FEMA camps, he’s had ample time to do so already, so why hasn’t he done it yet?

Jade Helm has actual “death domes,” courtesy of FEMA, too!

The Common Sense Show has a picture of a domed structure on an article titled, “Death Domes Are the End Game for Jade Helm 15.” Writer Dave Hodges is dead certain that they’re some type of prison or FEMA death camp (especially since they’re funded by…FEMA! Oh noes!). He says:

A very revealing clue as to the intent of JH 15 comes to us from the growing ‘coincidental’ presence of Death Domes.  There are 28 known Death Domes in Texas.

The New York Times describes Death Domes as “dual use domes”. In the case of Edna, Texas, the local high school graciously accepted one such dome to double as its gymnasium as well as being a shelter against raging hurricanes. Death Domes can house thousands of unsuspecting Americans.

The Death Domes are nearly escape proof as the steel rods supporting the facility go 30 feet underground. The walls are double layered made of cinder block reinforced by steel bars. The most telling aspect of this death dome is that they are FEMA funded! Funny, I did not think that there was supposed to be any FEMA camps.

Hodges goes on to explain that the “death domes” are where civilians who are “rounded up” during Jade Helm will end up. The Nazis rounded up Jews at night. Jade Helm and these roundups will take place at night. Coincidence? Hodges thinks not.

So what’s the truth about Jade Helm?

The Houston Chronicle has some information of its own on Jade Helm, where special ops will practice emerging concepts in special operations warfare. Despite the conspiracy theorists’ acting as though this was some huge secret until they broke it, local law enforcement is entirely aware of the exercises, and local papers in some of the Texas towns where Jade Helm will take place reported on it months ago.

The Dallas Morning News was apparently unaware of it; however, the attitude of their piece is similar to that of the Chronicle. They seem amused by the concept of Jade Helm being some sort of false flag precursor to martial law, or whatever the right-wing conspiracy sites are calling it.

Sheriffs’ deputies will keep local residents informed of when exercises are taking place in their area, so nobody is caught unawares, according to the Chronicle. And the conspiracy sites that are bleating “MARTIAL LAW” across the blogosphere have taken information about Jade Helm out of context, and are needlessly spreading fear and lies.

But that’s what they do best. They love to spread fear about the government, and they thrive on the idea that we’re just a hair’s breadth away from losing all our freedoms, and becoming the most brutal, fascist (communist?) dictatorship ever.


Featured image by U.S. Department of Defense. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons