Rush Limbaugh Makes Tired Old Bestiality Claim In Defending Indiana (AUDIO)

Whenever the discussion of LGBT rights comes up, someone, somewhere, in right-wingnuttery land pulls out the tired old “what about man on dog” card. Rush Limbaugh, who seems to be phoning it in with his show as of late, did just that on Tuesday.

On his radio show, Limbaugh compared same-sex marriage to a British tabloid story about a woman who married her dog.

“This business of ‘who you love,’ where does that stop?” he said in audio posted by Media Matters. “If you’re gonna start throwing a phrase around, ‘who you love,’ what happens if you love your dog?”

“It’s not about ‘Who do they love,’ it’s about gay marriage,” Limbaugh said. “It’s about people who have religious prohibitions against them. It’s about gay marriage, it’s not about homosexuality. It’s not about honoring disagreement, discrimination against homosexuality. It’s about people whose religious beliefs prohibit them from engaging in activity which lends credence or support to gay marriage.”

Source: Raw Story

Limbaugh seems to forget that the Bible also prohibits divorce. What if businesses refused to serve him because he’s been divorced three times or because he’s a known substance abuser? Would restaurants turn away gluttons or people who order shell fish?

Yes, discrimination is a slippery slope, but granting rights to LGBT people is not. The keyword in all legislation that grants marriage rights is “people.” There isn’t a single piece of legislation that makes it okay to marry your dog.

Here’s the audio:

Featured image courtesy of Jane Wyman on Flickr.