Even NASCAR Is Speaking Out Against Indiana’s Right To Discriminate Law – And The Fans Go… (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, the nation’s second most popular sport and the one perhaps most associated with “red state” values, spoke out against Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” When NASCAR tells a state it’s gone too far, perhaps Indiana should stand up and take notice.

“We will not embrace nor participate in exclusion or intolerance,” was NASCAR’s official statement on Tuesday. “We are committed to diversity and inclusion.”

Here’s the video:

“We are committed to diversity and inclusion.”The sports world, including #NASCAR, begins to weigh in on recent controversial legislation passed in the state of Indiana.Kristen Balboni for @TheBuzzer

Posted by NASCAR on FOX on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This is not the time for me to make fun of NASCAR or their fans because from a business perspective, NASCAR’s stance is braver than more historically liberal companies. Fan reaction has been mostly positive, although mixed. Many have simply told NASCAR to stay out of politics. Others aren’t so subtle.

Some defend NASCAR:

Others are surprised:

While Twitter and Facebook are fairly well balanced in their response, it’s not so for conservative blogs. Breitbart’s readers range from annoyed to outraged in their responses. Twitchy’s reader reactions were about the same, as were the reader reactions of the Washington Times.

If NASCAR’s not careful, it might find itself with an even broader range of fans.

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