Pastor Hagee: Putting An End To Gay Marriage Is ‘A Matter Of Survival’ (VIDEO)

It seems like it was just yesterday that pastor Matthew Hagee, the son of pastor John Hagee, took to his weekly “Hagee Hotline” show to claim that the legalization of gay marriage would be the end of society because same-sex couples are unable to procreate naturally. In that segment, which aired in March, Hagee said that by supporting two people’s right to marry whichever person they love legally, “you are taking away the ability of that society to survive.”

Well, Hagee is still on that kick, and he continues to repeat that completely unoriginal, tired and inaccurate argument – literally calling the stamping out of gay marriage “a matter of survival.” He made these ridiculous claims on his program last week, stating that it was simply an “economic fact” that the United States needs a higher population, and by legalizing gay marriage our society will inevitably collapse.

Watch this nonsense below:

Hagee says:

“It is impossible for same-sex marriage to do what biblical marriage does: create children. Without the procreation of children, the American society economically, will fail; culturally, will fail. It is not a matter of right or privilege, it’s a matter of survival.”

Why Hagee believes that allowing gay people to marry each other will actually stop heterosexuals from having children, I have no idea. But the scary thing about this argument is that so many people use it, and believe it – despite how stupid and inaccurate it is.

Featured image courtesy of Right Wing Watch (screenshot).