Christian Bakers Will Hand Out Cupcakes Near Gay Bars In Protest Of Anti-Gay Laws

Some would have you believe that to be a “good” Christian, you cannot serve gay people. In fact, the Indiana pizza parlor owner who became the poster child of the state’s intolerant new law said catering gay people is a “sin.” Thankfully, not every Christian believes being true to their faith means being bigoted towards other people.

To prove that not every Christian business owner is obsessed with their clients’ sex lives, a New York Christian pastor says he and his church plan to hand out cupcakes near several gay-friendly bars in New York with the help of local bakers.

They’re calling it a “Christian Cake Mob.”

Rev. Drew Ludwig, who runs the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church organized the “mob” because he was tired of his religion being defined by hate.

While the Indiana governor signed an amended version of the act, Ludwig said he still didn’t like the idea that some would consider it un-Christian to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding.

“Well, how can I get the message out there? How can we counter this assumption?” Ludwig said.

He hit upon baking as a means to stand up for gay rights. On his flyer, Ludwig states:

The recent “Religious Freedom” law passed in Indiana has sent the message that somehow it is unchristian to bake cake for GLBTQ people. This could not be further from the truth. Let’s give away some cake to set the record straight–er, to demonstrate generous religious freedom.

On social media, he pitched his idea and found that people from all faiths seemed enthusiastic to chip in and stand in solidarity with their gay and lesbian neighbors. According to Ludwig, the Christian cake mob has received a “tremendous response.” He stressed to The Buffalo News that volunteers were showing up from many denominations.

Ludwig’s protest is another clear reminder that the closed-minded Christians that are demanding that they be allowed to refuse service to gay people because of their Christian faith have no standing. They represent a small minority in a religion that is slowly, but surely changing its mind about gay rights and same-sex marriage. As times change, it’s not surprising that some people will have a problem with progress. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee tried to blame the backlash to Indiana’s anti-gay law on the “militant gay community.” It would be supremely gratifying to watch him squirm as he tries to explain away fellow Christians like Ludwig.

If Huckabee has an issue with Ludwig’s stance, he knows where to find him: Standing outside a Buffalo gay bar handing out cupcakes to anyone who wants one.

h/t The Friendly Atheist Blog | Feature Image via Joel Kramer/Flickr