San Francisco Cops Who Sent Racist ‘White Power’ Texts Will Be Fired (VIDEO)

On Saturday, San Francisco police Chief Greg Suhr announced that he would seek to fire 8 SFPD police officers that are under investigation for racist text messages. Suhr said, “It makes me sick to my stomach to even have these guys around.”

Out of those officers, four had been on the force for over a decade. One was a captain. Two or more have previously faced disciplinary action. Although two have already resigned, all officers have been suspended until Suhr can terminate them for the racially charged texts, some of which are discussed in the video below:

Suhr said:

“It just makes me sick to even talk about this. There were eight standing officers who engaged in such repulsive conversation via text that I have suspended them and they have been referred to the police commission with a recommendation of only termination.”

An investigation into these text messages comes as police departments across the United States are cracking down on racial bias and trying to separate the good cops from the bad.

These texts came to light while the FBI was investigating former San Francisco sergeant Ian Furminger for corruption. Furminger’s text messages revealed racist, offensive exchanges containing racial epithets, KKK jokes and ‘white power’ references between himself and other officers.

In one exchange from May 2012, Furimnger asked an unnamed officer if he should be concerned that the black husband of his former wife’s friends had been to his house. The officer replied:

“Get ur pocket gun. Keep it available in case the monkey returns to his roots. Its (sic) not against the law to put an animal down.”
When Furminger replied, “Well said!”, The officer added:

“You may have to kill the half-breeds too. Don’t worry. Their (sic) an abomination of nature anyway.”

Other unnamed officers send Furminger messages such as, “All n— must f— hang” and “white power.” Furminger himself also texted a civilian his own address with the title: “White power family.”

Once Suhr was notified of the text messages by the FBI, he acted immediately. Although Suhr cannot fire the officers until the FBI has completed their investigation, he hopes that it will be completed in 3o days and will “seek nothing less than termination for conduct and character incompatible with being a police officer” if “these statements are what it appears.”

“I’ll do everything I can do to separate them from the Police Department.

You cannot unring the bell on these text messages — anybody who has sent these text messages should not be a police officer. Ian Furminger should never have been a police officer; he’s a disgrace. These other officers have disgraced the department as well.”


Featured image courtesy of SF Gate (Screenshot).