New York Doorman Fired For Being Too Nice

At one high-rise building in Queens, NY, a doorman was fired for treating the tenants too well, according to the New York Post.

Ralph Body, 41, loved his job and it showed. He worked in the luxury Queens tower called 27 on the 27th, where rents are upwards of $4,000 a month.

Despite the high rents, there are limits to the services tenants are entitled to, and apparently, feeding pets and watering plants is a firing offense for a dedicated doorman.

He didn’t just hold the door. He did anything and everything residents asked him to do — check on pets, clean litter boxes, water plants, hold packages, even show $4,200 apartments to new tenants if need be, he said.

“Everything I did, somebody asked me to do, or there was a need for it,” Body said.

Source: New York Post

Body says he “gave his life” to the building, which could be a stretch, since it’s only two years old, but still, to be fired for doing your job well? Last Sunday, that happened. The staffing company notified Body that “upper management” was tired of all his helping and wanted him gone.

“They said, ‘We know you did it for the right reasons, but unfortunately . . . you’re too nice to the tenants.’”

He tried to plead his case: “I told them, ‘When the tenants ask me to do something, I’m going to say yes.’”

The tenants, naturally, aren’t happy with the building’s decision and they are trying to bring him back. They’ve started a petition on iPetitions. So far, there are 132 signatures. There are only 142 units in the building, but not all of the signatures so far are from tenants.

Unfortunately, in this world of Comcast, Time Warner, and other customer service nightmares, being nice is no longer part of companies’ business models.

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