Clueless Racists Can’t Handle Michelle Obama’s Heart-Stopping ‘Black Girls Rock’ Speech (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, sent a powerful message to black girls everywhere with her speech at BET’s Black Girls Rock on Sunday night, and clueless racists can’t handle it.

The appearance of FLOTUS at the BET event to spotlight the achievements of black teens underscored the intended message of the night: that anything is possible for little black girls.

In a section of the speech, Mrs. Obama told the audience in the room, and across America:

When I was a girl, I had parents that loved and believed in me, but those doubts still worked their way into my head. and I was always worried about something. Does my hair look right? Am I too tall? Do I raise my hand too much in class? So when folks said a girl like me shouldn’t aspire to go to the very best colleges in the country I thought ‘Maybe they’re right.’

But eventually I learned that each of those doubts were like a little test. . . that I could either shrink away from or rise up to meet and I decided to rise.

Yes, I decided to rewrite those tired old scripts that define too many of us. I decided that I wasn’t bossy, I was confident and strong. I wasn’t loud, I was a young woman with something important to say and when I looked in the mirror I say a tall, beautiful and smart black girl. … and that’s what I want for you, I want you to live life on your own terms. … but anyone who’s achieved anything in life knows that challenges and failures are necessary components of success. They know that when things get hard, that’s not always a sign that you’re doing some thing wrong, that’s often a sign that you’re doing something right. Those hard times are what shape you into the person you’re meant to be.

Some people decided (as always happens in conservative circles when a day, event, or message is aimed at a minority audience) that it was racist to send this message to little black girls alone.

So they responded with, you guessed it, some racism.

B004 B005This diatribe from Amanda Shea epitomizes the historical ignorance on display by critics:

By her biased support, the First Lady. . . is essentially telling white girls they aren’t “good enough” since she doesn’t address them with the same overwhelming support she does her own race.

What if Laura Bush hit the stage in a star-studded event for white girls only, announcing females of her race rock? It would never happen because nobody would allow it, yet this same scenario for black Americans is apparently perfectly acceptable and supported by our presidency.

Firstly, the two examples are only the same if you ignore the last several hundred years of US and Western history; including slavery, segregation, colonialism, and the fact that the legacy of inequality remains to this day (which of course, conservative pundits are happy to do).

Secondly, thanks to that continued racial inequality, Laura Bush attended many an event where only white people were present, and only white people were celebrated. But it was just called Monday, or Tuesday.

Olivia Cole over at HuffPo asked Shea and her ‘outraged’ peers a simple question:

What in your heart recoils when you see Black Girls Rock? What bone in your body sees empowerment for black girls and thinks ‘that’s not fair?’ Where is your bitterness rooted? What do you think has been taken from you when women of color are uplifted?

And therein rests the issue. For some, the uplifting of black people occurs as a zero sum game because the erosion of inequality is also the erosion of privilege. That prospect is deeply offensive to those who still cling to that privilege for dear life.

In conclusion, the fact that such an event remains so controversial underscores its remaining relevance – along with the sad fact that for many black girls, the American Dream remains just that, a dream. We must continue to erode the inequality that persists in American society, no matter how those who benefit from it feel about that.

You can watch an excerpt of the First Lady’s moving speech below:

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