White Officer Caught On Tape Executing A Fleeing Unarmed Black Man, Trying To Cover It Up (VIDEO)

A South Carolina police officer from North Charleston has been officially charged with murder after video evidence taken by a witness revealed that he had shot an unarmed fleeing African-American man in the back and then carefully placed his taser near the body – possibly to suggest the suspect had it at the time of his death.

Michael T. Slager, the officer charged, almost got away with it because in his version he “feared for his life” and was forced to open fire when the suspect grabbed his taser. On his radio, Slager called for backup saying “Shots fired and the subject is down. He took my taser.” The video shows that was not true.

The victim has been identified as Walter Scott, 50. According to police, Slager stopped Scott over a broken taillight and the two began arguing. A brief chase ended with the two scuffling, before Scott took off again. A citizen had begun recording the incident when the two were still shouting at one another. His video captures the shooting and the resultant framing of the dead or dying suspect.

After a brief fight, the suspect takes off running, getting about 15 feet away from Slager. The officer doesn’t chase, but instead opens fire, striking Scott an unreported number of times. By the last of the eight shots, Scott slumps to the ground and lies motionless. Slager calmly walks over to him with his gun at his side and handcuffs him. It’s unclear if Scott is responsive at this point. Another officer comes over to Scott. Neither of the two seem especially concerned with saving the injured man. Slager then walks back over to where the fight initially took place and retrieves what appears to be his taser from the grass. He walks back over to Scott’s body and tosses the non-lethal weapon next to him.

As we saw in Ferguson, the police department in North Charleston is 80 percent white despite the community consisting of nearly half African American residents. The good news: Unlike other recent high profile cases of officers killing unarmed black men, North Charleston’s mayor seems to be willing to see justice done for the victim’s family. At a press conference, Mayor Keith Summey spoke critically of the actions of the officer.

“When you’re wrong, you’re wrong,” Summey said, according to the Post and Courier. “When you make a bad decision, don’t care if you’re behind the shield or a citizen on the street, you have to live with that decision.”

If the video is any indication, then Slager will have to live with that decision behind bars.