Racists Set Up Defense Fund For Cop Who Murdered Walter Scott (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Well, just as we knew would happen, the racists of America have set up a defense fund for the cop from North Charleston, South Carolina, Michael Slager, who murdered an unarmed black man, Walter Scott, as he ran away. Not only did Slager shoot Scott at least 8 times in the back, he also planted his own police-issue taser next to the deceased, and told a tale of “fearing for his life.” Well, he almost got away with it, except for the fact that a witness took cell phone video, and the entire chilling execution is on tape.  The video of the fatal encounter is below:

Warning: Very Graphic.

Of course, the racists of America do not think this cop did anything wrong. After all, cops have been shooting and killing unarmed black men with impunity and without consequence on a pretty regular basis lately. They have set up a twitter account to support the murderous Michael Slager and aid in his defense. They also set up a GoFundMe account, but, apparently, the site wanted no part in raising money for a clear murderer, and took it down. Here is the screenshot from the original account page:


The Slager defense twitter crew was undaunted, though. Whoever runs the account promptly set up an indiegogo campaign for Slager, and tweeted out the link, while lamenting the fact that Go Fund Me had rejected their fundraising efforts for a murderous cop.

Also, of course, on the Slager twitter feed, one can find tweets filled with excuses for his actions. One tweet calls the senseless killing a “misstep” and says that murder is too harsh a charge:

Another says he has been tried in the court of public opinion:

And, of course, the racists know which politicians are on their side, as evidenced by a string of tweets to far right politicians known for open bigotry:

I could continue, but you get the picture. These people can actually watch a video of clear cold-blooded murder, and still defend the murderer. That is racism. Now, head on over to #BlackTwitter, where everyone is standing up against this atrocity. Let’s push for a conviction for this one, folks. It just might change the whole game surrounding police killings of unarmed black men.


Featured Image: Screenshot via twitter