CNN Guest Destroys SC Cop’s Defender: Walter Scott Murdered ‘For A Broken Tail Light’ (VIDEO)

On Saturday, police murdered yet another black man in cold blood after Officer Michael Thomas Slager pulled Walter L. Scott over in North Charleston, S.C. for a broken tail light. Reverb Press reports:

On Saturday morning, Walter L. Scott was pulled over for driving with a broken tail light. A few minutes later, the 50-year-old black man was dead — shot multiple times in the back by the white North Charleston police officer who made the traffic stop.

Of course Slager offered the usual excuses for murdering Scott in cold blood for a minor infraction like a broken tail light. Scott was big and black and scary. Slager felt threatened. Scott tried to use his superhuman black man strength to wrestle Slager’s taser away.

The officer claimed that he felt threatened when he decided to draw his firearm and start shooting — for a total of eight times. The victim was hit by five of the bullets, four in his back and one hit his ear.

Alas, for Slager, a bystander saw the entire thing and caught it on video — even though that meant running after Slager as he chased down Scott and pumped eight bullets into his back.

Seems like a slam-dunk police brutality case with racial profiling and cold-blooded murder, right? After all, the whole thing got caught on tape.

Wrong. With Scott’s body barely cold, the usual suspects rise to his murderer’s defense. Raw Story reports on a rather heated exchange on CNN.

Defense Attorney  Mark Geragos launched in saying that police shootings involving black people happen way too often, and that there was no real reason for Slager to shoot Scott.

“The police always come up with the same thing, it’s like a standard script that they teach at police university 101: always say that there is a threat, always say that he reached for your gun, and then say he wrestled for your gun. This is an epidemic in the various communities of the U.S. And unless somebody sees it with their own eyes — this is what’s so crazy about it — they will not believe that this is possible.”

But retired NYPD Detective Harry Houck glosses over the horrific video with Slager shooting Scott and denies that pervasive racism in policing exists, even though we see it happen over and over again.

“This does not happen all the time. Alright? These are very few incidents for the millions and millions of police officers that interact with people every day, alright? This is not epidemic proportions…  What happened in Ferguson and here in New York, even the U.S. Attorneys office is not going after them for civil rights violations. Those two incidents, those officers were justified in what they did, alright?”

And then Geragos smacked Houck down, declaring that he only admitted Slager murdered Scott because the whole thing got caught on video.

“I understand you’re a cop and you’ve got your position. I could tick off a hundred examples in the last two years. The only reason you’ve got to fess up at this point is because there’s a video tape.”

Geragos then tears into Houck about how black men like Scott often seem to wind up dead after getting stopped for minor infractions:

“There’s one thing that happens repeatedly, is you hear the same story every time, virtually almost as if it’s a script coming out of the cop’s mouth whenever there’s a shooting. It’s going to be the usual script that they read from. The fact remains that he was pulled over for a broken tail light.”

Finally, Geragos declares that — in his experience — “broken tail lights” are just another excuse for hassling “somebody of color.:

“You know, my father was a prosecutor for many years [and] used to say, there’s more guys in state prison for broken tail lights than any other offense. Broken tail light means go hassle somebody of color. That’s what it’s code for go pull over — some B.S. justification.”

Watch Geragos destroy Houck on CNN.

Here’s the video with Geragos smacking down Houck for defending Slager, the cop who shot Scott eight times in the back for a broken tail light:

Photo: Video screen grab/CNN.