Fox Host Gives Most Insane Reaction To Walter Scott Killing Yet (VIDEO)

Fox Host Greg Gutfeld has given perhaps the most bizarre conservative reaction yet to the killing of Walter Scott, by simply refusing to acknowledge the color of the victim and the perpetrator.

On Wednesday’s edition of Fox News’ “The Five,” host Greg Gutfeld condemned the murder of 50-year-old Walter L. Scott at the hands of Officer Michael Slager, but simply couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge that they were men of different races. He told viewers:

“This is the great thing about that horrible, horrible tape, and why it’s necessary that cameras are everywhere.”

“I didn’t see a black man killed by a white cop; I saw a man shoot another man in the back. I saw an actual act. You can’t theorize. You can’t come up with hypotheticals. You actually see that.”

But the thing is, whether or not Gutfeld has developed temporary color blindness, a(nother) black man has been killed by a(nother) white cop.

But he wasn’t finished.

“Unlike talking heads like us or activists, the camera sees more than color. The camera captures the actual incident — an incident that in my view cannot be justified… I used to be against cameras because I thought they interfered with policing and I realize how wrong I am because everybody can come up with their own opinion about a crime when it’s not seen, but when you see that–”

“I don’t know,” interjected Juan Williams, “what would you say about Staten Island and Eric Garner?”

“I felt horrible when I saw that,” Gutfeld said. “That camera showed a man that was being arrested over a loose cigarette.”

Why would a Fox host have such a reaction?

The answer is simple.

Fox doesn’t wish us to make connections between Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, or any of the other 238 black Americans killed by police in 2014. If we buy into these events as one-offs, no matter how many times they occur, then questions about race and racism remain unasked.

In order to avoid tackling the thorny issue of prejudice in America, Fox will flat-out deny that such prejudice exists.

But just as with Gutfeld’s temporary color-blindness, prejudice does not disappear just because those in power refuse to acknowledge it.

Featured Image via College Insurrection