Poll Reveals Most Americans Support Gays Over Bigoted ‘Christian’ Businesses

The Right, in its desperate attempt to “prove” that Americans support Indiana’s brand of “religious freedom” (You know, before anti-discrimination language was added), has been desperately attempting to release poll data that supports their claims.

Blaze host Dana Loesch, who helped raise nearly one million dollars to reward the family of bigots whose pizzeria bears the dubious distinction of being the first business to announce it would use Indiana’s “religious freedom” law to deny services to the LGBT community, explained in a blog post that a poll produced on behalf of the highly-conservative Family Research Council “shows that the vast majority of Americans support religious liberty in the workplace.”

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Of course, the majority of Americans believe in religious liberty — period. The First Amendment guarantees the right to religious freedom, for instance. However, what Americans don’t support is the use of “religious liberty” laws to create legally-sanctioned discrimination against segments of the population.

Despite this conservative propaganda poll’s “findings,” the reality is that Americans support religious liberty — until it interferes with the rights of others. A Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted April 6 to 8 found that Americans love gay weddings.

A whopping 52 percent — more than half, for our friends on the Right who believe in a “silent majority” — of Americans support same-sex marriage. This is, of course, compared to only 32 percent who are against equality.

While conservatives love to believe that people generally feel businesses should be able to refuse services, 54 percent say they should not be able to. Only 28 percent responded that businesses should have the right to refuse service at all.

Even fewer believe that the owners’ religious preferences should be a factor in denying service. Only 27 percent of respondents answered that businesses should have the right to discriminate as they see fit (including in hiring), provided they can work their prejudices into their religious framework. 55 percent said that businesses absolutely should not have that right.

The poll also found that 34 percent of Americans, “the largest grouping,” according to Reuters, believes marriage should be affirmed as a constitutional right. 55 percent of respondents want to see all states recognize same-sex unions, even if they do not permit marriage equality.

Recently, another poll showed that Americans like gay people more than evangelical Christians. Wonder why. . .

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