Republicans Disrespect Wiccan Delivering Prayer At Iowa Statehouse, Say Jesus Would Approve (VIDEO)

In another example of intolerance and hate from right-wing “Christians,” Iowa GOP lawmakers and other conservatives claimed Jesus would have supported their hate after they disrespected a Wiccan as she delivered the opening prayer at the statehouse.

For the first time in state history, a Wiccan was granted the opportunity to offer a Wiccan invocation at the Iowa legislature on Thursday. And Priestess Deborah Maynard of the People’s Church Unitarian Universalist Church made it count.

Maynard prayed for lawmakers to use logic to find solutions to help all of the people in Iowa and asked that they work to help all human beings.

“We call this morning to God, Goddess, Universe, that which is greater than ourselves to be with us here today. By the Earth that is in our bones and centers us, may all here remember our roots and those we are here to represent.

By the fire that gives us light and passion, may all here remain passionate about the work that must be done for the people of Iowa,” the priestess continued. “By the air that gives us breath and logic, may all here find thoughtful solutions to the problems that are presented. By the water that flows through our blood and stirs our emotions, may all here draw on that emotional intelligence, which helps us to see the inherent worth and dignity of every person.”

In conclusion, Maynard prayed for the spirit to “help us respect the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. Be with us and this legislative body and guide them to seek justice, equity and compassion in the work that is before them today.”

Here’s the video of Maynard’s beautiful prayer via YouTube.

“I just wanted to show that the House is very inclusive of all faith traditions,” Maynard told KCRG afterwards.

But rather than show mutual respect for Maynard and her religious beliefs, Iowa Republican lawmakers and their conservative constituents disrespected her even though they expect non-Christians to respect their own beliefs.

Many Republicans decided not to show up, but Iowa state Rep. Rob Taylor bragged about turning his back to Maynard as she prayed, claiming that he asked Jesus what he would do. According to Taylor, Jesus would hate silently and show his intolerance.

“Jesus would be in the chamber, from my perspective, he would passively protest. Then he would seek that individual out and have peaceful conversation about why his way was the best way. Everyone has the right to come into our chamber — it is the people’s chamber — and pray and she did and this was the way for me to peacefully protest.”

Conservatives also disrespected Maynard from the balcony, regaling KCRG of how they silently prayed for God to make Maynard become a Christian or prayed to deter demons from influencing the lawmakers who were present.

Pastor Michael Demastus said he “prayed for her salvation.”

“I was praying that she would come to know the one true God… I believe that the occult is dark. I do believe that’s not the place to see guidance from, so I was not praying against her. I was praying against what she was doing.”

Of course, Wiccans and Pagans are not evil occultists and many aspects of their religious beliefs have been co-opted by Christianity. But that didn’t stop Michelle Gute from praying against Maynard.

“I don’t want any demonic influences on the people who are making decisions on our behalf,” Gute said. “I was not praying with her. I was praying the opposite. Our country was founded on godly principles, not goddesses and whoever she was praying to.”

As usual conservatives like Gute fail to understand that America was NOT founded on the Christian religion. In fact, it had zero influence on our Constitution whatsoever. But don’t take my word for it. Click here to learn what the Founding Fathers themselves said about religion in America.

Conservative “Christians” constantly claim that they are the victims of persecution by people of other faiths, but then they demonstrate their utter disrespect for someone else’s faith. If Maynard had turned her back on a Christian prayer, conservatives would be screaming bloody murder. No one is saying that conservatives have to agree with Maynard or even like her. But they should respect her and her religious freedom. Anything less is a disgrace to the values America was built upon.