Former Republican Senator Tom Coburn Praises A Clinton 2016 Ticket

While many people – including me – fell f0r Bloomberg’s faulty reporting that Nancy Reagan, wife of conservative icon Ronald Reagan, supported Hillary Clinton for president, it is true that another prominent conservative is actually supporting her candidacy.

Former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, infamously dubbed as “Dr. No” on Capitol Hill due to his extreme small-government positions, is shockingly throwing his praise on a potential Clinton 2016 ticket, saying:

“I think Hillary’s experience would make her a very effective president, I think, if she were to win. First of all, she’s been on the inside of politics for a long time, so she knows the inside game inside and out. She also knows the relationship game. Her husband was great at it.”

But the praise didn’t stop on the personal level. Coburn, who worked with Clinton when she was a United States Senator, also praised her for her time in the upper chamber, saying:

“She was a good senator. She worked across the aisle. She kept her word. She became knowledgeable about a lot of issues while she was a senator. So she did that job well.”

While Republicans are using her time in the State Department to disqualify her for the presidency – namely by bringing up Benghazi and her handling of the Arab Spring – Coburn defended her tenure as Secretary of State, saying that while she had a couple of “blips” during her tenure, she was no doubt better than the current Secretary, John Kerry:

“I think history overall will probably show that she did a more than adequate job, with a couple of blips, as secretary of state. Better than the secretary of state we have now, for sure. So there’s nothing wrong with her qualifications.”

However, like many Americans, Coburn also stressed his annoyance with the idea of another Clinton or another Bush being in the White House:

“Here’s the question in my mind – is the country ready for another Bush or another Clinton? I think we’re Clinton-Bush weary. And I think that’s a big wall that is out there. And I think freshness, some type of freshness, is going to have a clean shot, or at least a clean opening, to come in and have an impact on this race.”

The praise from the former senator is a good boost to Clinton’s prestige as she is set to announce her candidacy for President on Sunday, April 12. Perhaps more Republicans, if only the ones who have no more elections to win and thus nothing left to prove, will do the smart thing and abandon any hopes of a George Bush 2.0. The rest, are already predictably starting to flip flop on their previous support for Hillary Clinton. Perhaps this might be one of the most conniving presidential elections we will see.

Image via Gage Skidmore/flickr