Scott Walker Appointee Says Climate Change More Likely Caused By Volcanoes Than People

Let’s face it, in a nation whose politics approximates more and more the sincerity of a Phil Hartman role, Wisconsin is “just a caveman.”

With “Right to Work” Governor Scott Walker (R) “punting” a direct answer on evolution and not exactly aligning himself with the environmental crowd, either, choosing to put his faith before science (whatever that means) — not to mention the recent banning of state public lands board members from discussing “climate change,” to boot — Wisconsin is in danger of quickly becoming the least appealing state in the nation.

But what’s Walker make the state’s next move? — donning a clown nose and hiring another climate change denier state official. The dropout governor pulled former secretary for the Department of Administration Mike Huebsch under the big top and hired him to the new state Public Service Commission (PSC). The Wisconsin Radio Network reported that when Huebsch was questioned on his climate change opinions in his confirmation hearing over the week, he said:

“I believe that humans can have an impact to climate change, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near the level of impact of just the natural progression of our planet. You know, the elimination of essentially every automobile would be offset by one volcano exploding. You have to recognize the multiple factors that go into climate change.”

Huebsch forgets the obvious, of course, that an erupting volcano capable of vastly wiping out the “offset” of the eradication of every automobile would only make matters that much worse should it blow and no one had ever stopped driving a single car in the name of a cleaner, healthier future.

Not too surprisingly, either, “The Huffington Post” reports that Huebsch must have also forgotten that many have actually studied mankind’s impact on climate change, as well as volcano’s impact on the same. Know what they found? Scientists conclude human-generated emissions “far surpass volcanoes when it comes to warming the planet.” Fossil fuels, especially, were to blame for global warming – a leading factor in climate change.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, human-related greenhouse gases weigh in at about 80 times greater than those caused by volcanoes, and that’s by a conservative estimate. It can go as high as 270 times greater.

Obviously, the statement on climate change Huebsch made at a recent Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee hearing, where he tellingly also queried whether the state should continue its standard of drawing 10 percent of its energy from renewables, was hogwash.

Huebsch stated:

“I’m not certain that policy is necessarily required in a law. Everybody recognizes the value of making sure that we have renewables available to us in a cost-effective way, and doing it in a way that’s going to maintain the grid and the infrastructure available for everyone.”

That’s coming from the guy working for the governor who maintains a mostly hate/hate relationship with the idea of reducing emissions, mind you. He pledged the “No Climate Tax” under Americans for Prosperity, and just this week jumped in on a lawsuit clashing with the EPA in an attempt to block lower emissions standards being implemented for power plants.

Those pesky Walker critics just see it as more of the same, though. According to The Huffington Post, progressive organization One Wisconsin Now’s deputy director Mike Browne said:

“It’s not just that Gov. Walker opposes responsible action to try to slow the pace of global climate change and avoid its disastrous consequences if left unchecked. He’s also willing to put his cronies with similar science-denying views in charge of regulating an industry central to efforts to stem climate change.”

What’s new, right?


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