Video Of Teen’s Brutal Assault Goes Viral After Cops Try To Delete It And Fail (VIDEO)

An internal investigation has just been launched into a horrifying case of police brutality two teenagers experienced at the hands of Virginia police officers. The January 10 incident involves a 17-year-old being beaten and tased during a routine traffic stop, and the footage was fortunately captured on a cell phone – although police tried to delete the video and failed.

The Virginia Beach Police Department claims it was just made aware of the video, which recently went viral. The video’s owner, 18-year-old Courtney Griffith, says the police department is lying. The video below shows exactly what happened when Griffith, who was driving with her 17-year-old friend Brandon in the back seat, was pulled over because one of her back lights was out.

Warning: Graphic video below.

When the police officer – Officer Pittman – stops Griffith for her light, he claims there is a smell of marijuana in the car, which Griffith denies. Giffith believes that the officer was giving her a hard time because he was the same cop that had previously arrested her as a minor for marijuana possession.

At this point, four cop cars were at the scene. As the situation became more hostile, Griffith put her cellphone on the dashboard and started to record what was happening. She asks for a sergeant to be present so that her rights were not further infringed.

Officer Pittman’s attention moved to Brandon as he orders the teen to get out of the car. Calmly, Brandon tells the officer that he is 17 and doesn’t want to be searched unless his mother is at the scene.

As things get even more heated, the police officer sprays pepper spray into Brandon’s face as the boy shouts he’s 17. Scared and in pain, Brandon doesn’t exit the car – only to be beaten and tased by the cop. The teen is tased at least twice.

Photo Credit: YouTube (screenshot)

Photo Credit: YouTube (screenshot)

Brandon is then pulled from the car. The video is still being recorded, but only the audio from the conversations happening outside the car are being documented. At the end of the video, an officer looks inside the car and grabs the phone before the clip cuts off.

When Griffith got her phone back, she immediately looked for the video – but it was gone. Fortunately, she was able to locate the video in her phone’s folder for recently deleted items. In an interview with The Free Though Project, Griffith said:

“They arrested me, never Mirandized me or Brandon, and they sent me off with a summons. When I went back to my car, my phone had been brought off the dashboard and was on the drivers seat. I asked the cops who deleted the video, after looking for it in my folder, and they all started laughing. It was sickening. I later found it in my recently deleted folder.”

Griffith posted the video to Facebook, where it went viral and appeared on YouTube and Reddit. Viewers of the video have not only been horrified of the excessive force that was used against Brandon, but that the cops tried to delete the evidence. When you consider the fact that a police officer was recently exposed by a witness video trying to cover up the fatal shooting of Walter Scott, police tampering is now joining police brutality as a very serious issue.

According to WTKR, the officer was placed on administrative duty and it’s unknown when the Virginia Beach Police Department will finish the investigation.

Griffith and Brandon were taken into custody, but Griffith was released. Brandon is in a juvenile detention center until July on charges of resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer.

If you think this case needs to be handled differently, please send a message to the Virginia Beach Police urging them to do a thorough investigation into Officer Pittman’s actions, as well as all of the accompanying officers.


Featured Image via YouTube (screenshot).