‘F*ck Your Breath’: Horrific Video Shows Cops Mocking Unarmed Black Man They Just Shot (VIDEO)

Last week yet another unarmed black man died in an ‘accidental’ police shooting. But here’s the thing: Robert Bates, a 73-year-old reserve deputy for the Tulsa County, Okla. Sheriff’s Dept. isn’t even a real cop.

Tulsa World reports police snared 44-year-old Eric Harris in an undercover guns and ammo sting. When Harris — a black man who was unarmed — ran away, police chased him down and wrestled him to the ground.  Tulsa County, Okla. Reserve Deputy Bates then fired his gun and shot Bates. But…oops…Bates didn’t mean to kill Harris. He thought he was shooting his taser.

To make matters worse, Harris told the cops he couldn’t breathe (probably because of that bullet Bates pumped into him) and one of the police officers sneered, “f*ck your breath.” They took Harris to a hospital, where he died. And of course, Tulsa World bends over backwards to exonerate Bates by blaming Harris for his own death:

Harris, 44, an ex-convict with an extensive criminal history, was shot in the right axilla, the area under the joint that connects the arm to the shoulder, according to the state Medical Examiner’s Office. Clark said Harris, who died at a Tulsa hospital after the shooting, told a deputy at the scene that he had taken PCP earlier in the morning.

A big scary black guy with a long rap sheet who’s high on PCP! Oh, and Bates also told reporters he thought Harris had a gun. That’s understandable, when you consider that the chase started with an illicit gun buy. But how on earth can a trained and experienced police officer get his gun and his taser mixed up?

Oh, wait a minute. Bates isn’t a trained and experienced police officer. He’s a rich white guy who — in exchange for donating equipment and beaucoup bucks to the Sheriff’s Dept. — gets to play at being a cop as a “reserve deputy.”

Bates is not an active member of the task force but donates his hours there as a highly regarded member of the Reserve Deputy Program […] Bates apparently is not alone as both a donor and reserve deputy. While the Sheriff’s Office has not released its full roster, [Maj. Shannon] Clark said other wealthy donors are among the agency’s 130 reserve deputies.

That’s right. The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Dept. has 13o “reserve deputies” like Bates who get to put on police uniforms complete with guns and tasers just for giving away their money. Clark even told reporters these reserve deputies aren’t at all unusual.

“There are lots of wealthy people in the reserve program. Many of them make donations of items. That’s not unusual at all.”

We wonder if Bates donated the “sunglass” video cameras that captured Harris’ last moments. Here’s the footage from LiveLeak:

Featured photo: Video screen grab/Live Leak.