‘Killology’ Expert Accidentally Admits NRA Is Creating More Mass Shootings

The words from the self-professed ‘Professor of Killology‘ Dave Grossman were as clear as day.

Sandy Hook is just the beginning. We’re raising a generation of mass killers.

Just the beginning, that this nation was raising a generation which would turn to gunfire. He then turned to other mass shootings, ones the NRA used for marketing purposes, it became even more clear that the entire seminar, titled “Sheepdogs! The Bulletproof Mind for the Armed Citizen” was just a sales pitch designed to convince people to buy more guns.

Can we take the lessons learned in Columbine and Jonesboro and Virginia Tech? Can we take the lessons learned on 9/11 and in Sandy Hook Elementary School? Or do we have to wait until our kids die?

The ludicrous claims that Europe has more mass shooting violence than the United States, that “you’re going to see daycare massacres and school bus massacres,” just rhetoric primed to pump sales of the latest firearm fashion. To prevent questioning, he declared his absolute stance against any programs to prevent such massacres as well.

Any politician who tells you we can solve this problem with gun laws is an idiot. The politicians drag a red herring across the path — it’s all about the evil guns and if we make the evil guns go away, the bad men will go away.

This of course is complete ignorance. Gun regulations are not about evil guns, but about limiting access for people who cannot use such weapons responsibly. But, rather than take responsibility for people, “Professor Killology” here blames the next generation, that anyone under a set age is dangerous, possibly should be destroyed, all out of fear. Blame the victim, they are at fault.

Folks, we have raised a vicious, vicious generation of children. They have given us crimes on children like nothing in human history. Sandy Hook is just the beginning. Our founding fathers knew there would be days like this… And they created the Second Amendment for just a time like this. And in the midst of all that, the politicians want to disarm our citizens. That is flat out treason.

Of course this claim about the founding fathers and the second amendment is absolutely wrong, with the 2nd Amendment being against the establishment of a gentrified law enforcement, that the people should be ready and able to enforce their own laws. The 2nd Amendment was never about giving every madman access to nuclear weapons, so long as they’re not Muslim.

Indeed, his proposal is to add more unaccountable, corruptible police officers, arm them heavily, then give them access to the most innocent among us. Even as evidence piles up that the police have lost their legitimacy, to demand expanding their strength, in huge numbers, is not only unwise, but incredibly dangerous.

Contrary to the “Professors” claims, the fabled “Good Guy With A Gun” (GGWAG) have not stopped mass shootings. Indeed, in a very public example, one GGWAG, Joseph Wilcox, attempted to stop the Las Vegas shooters, only to die himself at their hands.

The words of “Professor of Killology” Dave Grossman are those of deceit, designed to swindle the gullible and fearful out of their money and prop up the industry which bankrolls the NRA. With no thought to the blood which is on his own hands, he speaks of, no, encourages people to engage in the very practices which cause these deaths in the first place. And then be blames the victims, that it is their fault, and the fault of those trying to prevent such massacres.

The self-proclaimed “Professor of Killology” is little different from a sideshow barker, a pitchman attempting to sell a product. But unlike the sideshow, this product is not some daredevil acrobat doing death-defying stunts or an opera singing bearded lady, it is a deadly weapon, one which has resulted in a growing increase in the number of innocent lives taken due to increased access.

And the blood from those lives are on “Killology’s” hands.

Featured image via video screen capture