Disgraced Republican Slapped With $76,000 Bill For Special Election To Replace Him

Disgraced former Illinois GOP Rep. Aaron Schock is still paying for his corrupt use of campaign funds. Literally.

Because Schock decided he could spend campaign funds however he pleased, including on luxurious trips and a Downton Abbey-themed congressional office, he was forced to resign. Of course, Schock’s resignation means a special election needs to be held to decide his replacement.

But rather than force the taxpayers to pick up the tab for the election, Marshall County has decided to send the $76,000 bill to Schock instead. You know, seeing as how he caused the need for the special election and still has $3 million of campaign funds in his piggy bank.


According to the Chicago Tribune,

The letter seeks a certified check or an agreement that Schock will cover this summer’s special and general election costs. The letter also went to the 20 other voting jurisdictions in the 18th Congressional District.

Schock resigned his office last month after becoming infamous for designing his Capitol Hill office based on the red room featured on the Downton Abbey television series. The clearly expensive office drew the interest of investigators into Schock’s lavish spending. Using his Instagram account, investigators put together a puzzle proving that the Illinois Republican was having the time of his life with the help of donations gullible conservatives contributing to his campaign. The uproar over this gross misuse of campaign donations forced Schock to vacate his seat in Congress.

Basically, the Marshall County Board wants Schock to take personal responsibility for his actions instead of being a hypocrite like most Republicans who consistently preach about personal responsibility without actually practicing it.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons