Man Proudly Wears ‘Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat’ T-Shirt To Coachella (IMAGE)

The Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California is the place where the cool people go to hang around with other cool people.

Many attend to show off their fashion sense and some, like this guy, happily show off the fact that they are a**holes, unfit for society:

via Twitter

via Twitter

I wish I could say that this guy is some sort of lone psychopath, who was only let out of his mother’s basement for this single event (I don’t know him, maybe he is), but guys like what he expresses himself to be on his t-shirt are becoming frighteningly common these days.

A growing number of millennials are joining or are sympathetic to the men’s rights movement. Social media is filled with disgusting, vitriolic and even violent comments and threats directed toward women.

Reddit is particularly popular with misogynists, with their men’s rights subreddit even getting the attention of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Then there’s the whole “#GamerGate” controversy and general sexism in the gaming industry.

Perhaps I’m wrong and misogyny isn’t actually getting worse. Maybe the percentage of misogynists hasn’t grown at all, but the internet empowers misogynists. Men who think rape is funny or even fun can find lots of kindred souls online.

Before the mid-90s, few people, outside of the people who have always been openly misogynistic, racist and homophobic, would be seen in public with a t-shirt advocating rape, even if the shirt was a joke. I can only imagine though, that at Coachella, whoever the t-shirt wearing man was, he received at least a few pats on the back.


Featured image via Twitter