P!nk’s Response To Horrible Body-Shaming Twitter Trolls Is F**king Perfect (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Recently, the amazing singer-songwriter, all around badass woman known as P!nk was at a cancer benefit taking place at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. For the event and on the red carpet she wore a beautiful black dress.

That should really be the end of it, but no, Twitter exists and so do the bullies, better known at trolls, that inhabit therein.

Here are some of their remarks regarding P!nk’s attire and general appearance:

Whoa there, seemingly anonymous Twitter troll who feels they can say anything with no consequence for their actions. First, why go after someone for their weight? Secondly, grammar, it’s “you’re.” Lastly, leave her kid out of any remark. . . her beyond gorgeous child. . . who can be seen here along with an adorable conversation between mom and child:

Damn right, you’re happy! Look at you! Simply fabulous. Fabulous and healthy.

Then of course there are the trolls who will leave you scratching your head because of their stupidity:

So classy, right? “Hall Of Cost”?? Is that the National Treasury or something? The IRS maybe?

Then there was this person:

Where all P!nk could do is respond in laughter, because, I mean.. c’mon:

Before Twitter at least we could pretend there wasn’t so much hate and stupidity out there, but now it’s in our face 24/7. However, P!nk’s response to all of the body-shaming gives us light in an otherwise ever-darkening world:

Hell yeah!

Here’s the thing… she’s not even remotely look overweight in the images of her. She looks AMAZING!

Here’s the singer in her dress at the event and coverage of the Twitter mayhem via Eonline.com:

What also came out of all of this were women tweeting P!nk their own body-pride tweets:

There is positivity out there in the Twittersphere if you choose to seek that instead of the bullies and trolls who are there purely to incite rage and bring negative attention to themselves, because they are apparently lacking attention in other areas of their lives and choose to lash out on others.

Kudos to P!nk for her ever-marvelous attitude. Thank you for being you.

Oh, and you look amazing.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons