Texas Christians Starve ‘Demon-Possessed’ Toddler To Death, Try To Resurrect Him (VIDEO)

Police in Texas  are searching for the parents who starved their “demon possessed” toddler to death before fleeing to Mexico following a failed resurrection. Acting on an anonymous tip that a two-year-old had died, and that the death had not been reported.

According to the tipster, a “rising ceremony” was held on March 22 to “attempt to resurrect Victim from the dead.” When that failed, the child was wrapped in a blanket and “taken back to Mexico,” for burial, according to a search warrant.

“We don’t know if this was to try and resurrect the spirit of he child and we don’t know if this was to try and resurrect the child themselves or what exactly that service or ceremony encompasses,” said Lt. Mark Maret.

The child died inside a Balch Springs home that functioned as Congregacional Pueblo De Dios, a church that was formed in 2007. The church is affiliated with Georgia-based Pentecostal denomination, the Hispanic Conference of the Congregational Holiness Church, according to NBC.

According to a woman who knew the boy’s mother, it was believed that the child was possessed by demons — and they attempted to starve the corruption out of the little boy, who was not fed in 25 days.

Video of the “rising ceremony” shows church secretary Aracely Meza babbling incoherently while praying for the toddler’s body, which she anoints with oils. Numerous congregants were present for the ritual, yet the crime was not reported until four days after the child’s death.

Meza breaks down crying when she fails to bring the little boy back to life with magic.

Detectives have thus far been unable to locate the child’s parents or other congregants who fled to Mexico to bury the abused and neglected child. However, Meza has been charged with injury to a child by omission.

Of course, according to conservatives, the fault does not fall with the religion, but with “Illegals” and Democrats:

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Nevertheless, Christian faith taken to the extreme was the root of the problem, here — the very same sort the Right wants to make the law of the land in the United States. In fact, 57 percent of Republicans want to completely dismantle our nation’s Constitution and other founding documents, and replace them with a warped version of Christian Sharia Law.

In fact, left unchecked, “religious freedom” laws could protect parents who murder their children for Jesus — after all, if it’s a “sincerely held belief” that starving one’s “demon possessed” child will cure him — that a failed attempt to resurrect his body is God’s will…what place does the state have to step in? It’s not really “murder” if it’s in god’s plan, right?


Watch a report on this disgusting murder, below:

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