“once the legislature’s ‘equal population’ objectives are put to the side—i.e., seen as a background principle—then there is strong, perhaps overwhelming evidence that race did predominate as a factor when the legislature drew the boundaries of Senate District 26, the one district the parties have discussed here in-depth.”

The most important element of the Alabama decision was that the court clearly stated that redistricting must be done with the intent to “preserve existing minority percentages in order to maintain the minority’s present ability to elect the candidate of its choice.”

While in the past, conservatives have attempted to use various parts of the Voting Rights Act to ‘justify’ the need to dilute minority voting power, the decision of the Supreme Court in the Alabama case plainly shuts down such redistricting plans as unconstitutional.

On Monday, the state of North Carolina attempted to use the same logic as Alabama, claiming that the GOP’s racist gerrymandering was sincere attempt to comply with the Voting Rights Act. Rather than go over the whole thing again, the Supreme Court simply ordered the state court to read the Alabama decision and use it as a guide for understanding how the court views that argument.

Sadly, it’s likely that Republicans will persist in wasting the court’s time, by forcing the justices to spell it out all over again just for the children in North Carolina’s legislature. Two North Carolina Republicans, state Representative David Lewis and Senator Bob Rucho released a joint statement, following Monday’s decision.

“Today’s procedural ruling is not unexpected, and we are confident that our state Supreme Court will once again arrive at the same result and the U.S. Supreme Court will affirm its decision.”

On what part of reality do they base their great confidence? None, apparently. It’s likely that neither has read the Supreme Court’s Alabama ruling. It’s just as likely that they haven’t got a clue that their state’s position is exactly the same as the state of Alabama’s was in March. But not knowing what they’re talking about rarely stops Republicans from talking anyways.

This video from Vox, via YouTube, looks at how redistricting impacts US elections, and may provide some insight into why North Carolina Republicans are so smug when it comes to their redistricting plans. After all, they’ve been getting away with the same kinds of election rigging schemes for years.

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