GOP ‘One Percenter’ Chris Christie Says He’s Not Wealthy, Whines About His ‘Insane’ Tax Return (VIDEO)

Republican New Jersey governor and potential Presidential candidate Chris Christie wants everyone to believe he’s the everyday American complaining about his taxes. He asserted his ‘normalcy’ on Monday, when he complained to the editorial board of the Manchester Union-Leader about the state of his wealth and tax returns.

Despite the fact that his family’s income is in the top one percent in our country, Christie insisted he wasn’t rich – even as he held his tax returns (which were several inches thick) in his hand. He complained to the board:

“The fact that my wife and I, who are not wealthy by current standards, that we have to file a tax return that’s that thick … is insane. We don’t have nearly that much money.”


Image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr:

We don’t know whose “current standards” Christie is referring to, because the median household income in America was $52,000 in 2013. What was reported on Christie’s tax returns in 2013? A whopping $698,838.

Tax Policy Center co-director Eric Toder verified, “If the Christies had an adjusted gross income of almost $600,000, they’re certainly in the top 1 percent.”

Christie estimated that his net worth in 2009 was around $3.8 million – he’s probably closer to $4 million now, assuming that his investments have done alright. According to an analysis of Census data done by Pew Research Center, you need $2.4 million to be considered a top one percenter. Another estimate, done by Emmanuel Saez of Berkeley, set the 1 percent cut-off at $3.9 million. Fortunately, Christie is so rich he makes the cut either way.

Washington Post

Washington Post

Christie also said:

“I don’t consider myself a wealthy man. Listen, wealth is defined in a whole bunch of different ways and in the end Mary Pat and I have worked really hard, we’ve done well over the course of our lives, but, you know, we have four children to raise and a lot of things to do. So no, I don’t consider ourselves, and I don’t think most people think of me that way.”

Christie makes 50 times more than average Americans (the median household has approximately $71,000 in wealth) – and he still has the nerve to claim he isn’t wealthy and shouldn’t have to deal with a complex, lengthy tax return. Christie has hinted that if he decides to run for President, he may back a simplification of the U.S. income tax code.

It seems ignorance is just another thing fellow Republicans have in common with each other. Here’s a 2013 video of Ann Romney, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s wife, literally saying, “I don’t even consider myself wealthy, which is an interesting thing.”

Featured image courtesy of Gage Skidmore/Flickr.