Gay Man Called ‘F*ggot’ By McDonald’s Employee, Served Uncooked Meat

Despite the fact that the LGBT community is making great strides when it comes to societal acceptance, most of us still experience overt and blatant homophobic discrimination at some point or other, if not on a regular basis. Such is the case of a visit to a Puyallup, Washington McDonald’s location that quickly turned sour for 24-year-old Luis Hernandez.

Hernandez says that he was standing in line at the franchise location when he witnessed a member of management loudly and nastily berating a lower level employee in full view of the entire restaurant, including all customers. When he stepped up to the counter to place his order, he complained to the employee at the counter about the scene being made. According to Hernandez’s account of the encounter to Gay Star News, the employee immediately became cold and and unwelcoming, and after taking his order went to tell the manager (presumably, the same one Hernandez was complaining about), what had been said. Hernandez said of the exchange he witnessed between the employee and the manager:

“I found that to be completely disrespectful and unprofessional and decided to voice my opinion to the employee that was taking my order. I stated if she was my manager and was in my face, I would not tolerate that.”

According to Hernandez, after he complained about the airing of the dirty laundry between manager and employee, he overheard the employee he had complained to say, “See? That is why I do not like faggots.”

Hernandez says he tried to complain, but of course, the cowardly homophobe said he never made any such comment. Hernandez didn’t back down:

“I said, ‘Well who you are talking to because I am the only faggot at this counter?’”

Hernandez goes on the explain why he had reason to believe that he was the one being referenced,  outside of the fact that he had made the original complaint:

“I do not dress like the average straight guy. Not only that, I am extremely feminine and my whole demeanor shows that I am gay.”

This is something that almost all people who get “read” as gay have to deal with on a regular basis. It can be both a blessing and a curse – a blessing because coming out is unnecessary, and a curse because it paints a target on our backs. But, in this case, it was a blessing, because, likely there was no one else this hateful employee could have been referencing, and the comments were made in full view of many other people.

As if this ordeal wasn’t bad enough, Hernandez had another surprise when he got home: His burger was almost completely raw. He took photos of it to prove that the meat was uncooked, saying:

“As I proceeded to bite into my sandwich, I smelt this horrific smell and to my surprise my hamburger was completely raw inside of it and the bun had blood all over it.”



Photo of raw meat and bloody bun Hernandez was served, courtesy of Queerty.

When he called to complain again, he was dismissed out-of-hand. Thankfully, police are reportedly looking into the incident and will decide whether or not to take legal action.

Of course, McDonald’s has now lost Luis Hernandez’s business as well.