Texas Cop Smashes Woman’s Face Into Pavement, Knocks Her Unconscious (VIDEO)

A bystander captured cell phone video of Round Rock, Texas, police officer Ben Johnson smashing a woman’s face into the pavement so hard that she was immediately knocked unconscious. Witnesses to the incident told KVUE that they thought the woman, Viviana Keith, was dead.

The man who shot the cell phone video spoke to KVUE on condition of anonymity:

“When I look back at the tape, I can see her head bounce off the concrete because when he threw her down, she wasn’t able to brace herself.”

The unidentified witness went on to say:

“She was absolutely unconscious. There were a couple of other gentleman in the store with me and we were saying ‘is she breathing?’ Because at first we weren’t seeing her stomach rise and fall.”

A woman who witnessed the officer slamming Keith onto the cement also told the station that “it looked like she was dead.”

Keith’s six-year-old daughter was also present at the time she was knocked unconscious. Viviana Garcia told KVUE that “the little girl was screaming, ‘Mommy, mommy.” Garcia said she and other witnesses just rushed over to comfort the child, not knowing if her mother was dead or alive.

If the actions of officer Ben Johnson aren’t enough to make your blood boil, upon viewing the video of the incident, Round Rock police chief Allen Banks defended the actions of the officer. He said he sees nothing wrong in the video, and claims that this officer’s conduct is professional and appropriate.

Going on, police chief Banks appears to blame Keith for hitting her own head, saying:

“It’s unfortunate, the fact that this lady did what appears to hit her head and was knocked unconscious, but I’ll tell you, the officer did what he was supposed to do in a situation like that.”

Watch the video, courtesy of KVUE via Kortel News on youtube.

Not a single day goes by when we don’t read about a new incident of police abuse, brutality or misconduct. From the death of Michael Brown to the death of Freddie Gray, across the country minorities are being killed by police at alarming rate. Women are brutalized and violated by the people sworn to protect and uphold the law. The mentally impaired and mentally ill are routinely victimized by a system that is clearly out of control. These are not the actions of ‘good cops’ doing their jobs. These are the actions of deranged psychopaths, who hide behind a badge, when they should be behind bars.

Once accused of a crime, police are allowed to investigate themselves. Time and time agai, we are shocked and outraged when they tell us that they looked really hard, but they just don’t see anything wrong with the picture. They tell us that scenes like this are ‘justifiable’ use of force incidents.

This week in Boston, hundreds of marchers have taken to the streets to demand justice following the death of Freddie Gray. Even as we read that Gray’s spine was 80 percent severed and his voice box crushed, police tell us that they don’t see any evidence of excessive force. It makes you wonder, if a man’s spine being severed doesn’t count as “evidence of excessive force” what does?

In this video, we see an officer slam a 27-year-old mother to the pavement so hard that she’s knocked unconscious. Following the incident, witnesses said the left side of Keith’s face “was black,” and there was an open wound as a result of her face hitting the pavement. And yet again, a police chief sees “no evidence of excessive force” here.

While police claim that Keith was resisting, there’s no evidence of that from the video. One witness said that she observed the woman try to pull her arm away from Johnson. For police to claim that knocking her unconscious was an appropriate response to that is just insane.

Here’s video from the officer’s dashcam, also courtesy of KVUE.

It’s become glaringly apparent that many police officers “do not see” what any other normal human being does see. Whether they’re blinded by their own need to protect each other, or whether they’re so conditioned to view violence against the public as “acceptable,” it doesn’t matter. What’s clear is that police cannot objectively evaluate or investigate police.

This case is just one more example of why citizen’s review boards are so important to the goal of protecting the public from out of control cops. Police misconduct is not something new. It’s not something rare, either. It’s all too common, and it’s been going on for far too long. For too long cops have been telling us that only cops are capable of evaluating cops, because ordinary citizens “just don’t understand.” We heard that same line of bull from the banking industry too, back when those criminals told us that only bankers are capable of evaluating bankers…

In order to bring police up to a level where they are able to use the same standard that the general public would use to decide if an officer’s conduct is “professional and appropriate,” we need to put the general public in charge of evaluating the police.

*Featured image credit: video screen capture KVUE News, via Kortel News on youtube