Woman Locks Dog In Hot Car, Then She’s Forced To Get A Taste Of How It Feels

In Strongsville, Ohio, police were called to a car in a Walmart parking lot that had a dog locked inside. A car that was increasingly getting hotter. When the owner came out of the store, she told officers the dog was fine. However, the police weren’t going to let her off that easy.

Officers made the woman sit in her car with the windows up and engine off for only a few minutes to let her know how it feels to be trapped in a hot car. According to the officers, she looked uncomfortable.

It only takes a few minutes for a car to go from cool to hot in the sun. A car can, quite literally, turn into an oven, and leaving pets or children inside a hot vehicle for even just a few minutes can lead to devastating consequences.

The police let this woman off with a warning, but told her if she’s ever caught doing this again, she will be cited. Honestly? They should’ve cited her right then and there so there will be no next time.

Leaving animals in a hot car happens far more often than it should. People don’t seem to think that even though it’s only for a short time, breathing becomes difficult, your head can feel fuzzy, and you can quickly become dangerously warm. If you can’t responsibly take care of a pet then don’t have one. Leave your pet at home, or take them with you out of the car.

The dog in this case was fine, thank goodness. However, just last summer, a dog left in a car at a different Walmart did not have the same fate. The dead dog was found by another Walmart shopper, and there was no food or water left in the car for the animal. The owner of the dog was charged with one count of misdemeanor cruelty towards animals — which quite honestly isn’t a severe enough charge.

Luckily, the FBI just classified animal cruelty as a top-tier felony — as it should be.

Featured image Wikimedia Commons