Yet Another Police Force In Missouri Goes Ballistic Over Newly Elected Black Female Mayor (VIDEO)

So you really think racism and misogyny still isn’t a “thing” in this country? Get a load of this.

First 80 percent of Parma, Missouri’s police force walks out the day the town’s first black female mayor, Tyrus Byrd, gets sworn in as their city’s mayor on April 14th.

Now, Betty McCray, the newly-elected mayor of Kinloch, Mo., can’t even get into her office. Why? Fox 2 reports local police barred the entrance to City Hall, and declared that McCray had been impeached.

Impeached for what? Supposed voter fraud, the folks from Kinloch claim. Apparently, they can’t accept the fact that the people in their town have actually decided to elect a black, female mayor.

Wow. This sounds an awful lot like what happened with President Barack Obama and his birth certificate when he got elected in 2008 and in 2012.

McCray told reporters:

“I won. The people spoke. I was sworn in by the St. Louis County. Today I take office. I want them out, I want the keys.”

Fox 2 adds in an update that McCray isn’t actually “impeached,” she’s just “suspended.”

A lawyer for Kinloch says he misspoke after this story aired.  He says the new mayor is not impeached, she is suspended.  They realized there is a process that the city must go through before they can impeach her.  He says the mayor has been served with articles of impeachment on Thursday.

But McCray says she hadn’t received the papers.

Newly-elected mayor Mayor Betty McCray says she never got them.  Kinloch cannot hold an impeachment hearing until 30 days after the papers are served.

Here’s the video.