Here Is The REAL Protest In Baltimore The Mainstream Media Won’t Show You (IMAGES/VIDEO)

If you do an internet search for the words “Baltimore protest” undoubtedly you will see headlines that recount the minor property destruction caused by a few protesters.  The thousands of protesters who demonstrated peacefully are only mentioned as a means of comparison to those who did not.



You will be hard pressed to find a mainstream news analyst point out that the police and the larger “justice” system at large are the ones who define what peaceful protest means.  The absurdity of being told how a person can dissent by the violent oppressors one seeks to liberate themselves from, is apparently just “too real” of a conversation for cable news. Of course violence is abhorrent in general. As usual though, it is the police who came dressed for a riot.

When one looks at the media that comes from those on the ground at the protests in Baltimore, a very different narrative appears. Instead of a narrative that reads as “good protesters” versus “bad protesters”, we see a story of how people are rising up to seek justice for the death of yet another black man by who died because of the police. We see children of color who appear to know more about how the justice system works (against them) than all the “experts” who are invited to talk about the subject of racism on television combined.

Why are these “violent thug” cops not in jail for beating this reporter?

At what point will images such as this:

Be seen in the same light as this one:



Perhaps the police are frightened that people might pay attention to this:

Or this:

Or this:

They want people to focus on this:











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