Insanity: GOP Gov. Calls In State Guard In Case Obama Plans To Invade Texas (VIDEO)

“We’re not going to interfere with their rights or their privacy,” the U.S. Army’s Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria tried to reassure Bastrop County, Texas residents at a jam-packed meeting. But most neighbors present wanted nothing to do with Operation Jade Helm 15, a two month military training exercise.

Despite Lastoria’s promises to conduct the training exercises “safely and courteously,” KXAN news footage shows one resident getting loud applause when he declared:

“Would the court be offended if I told the colonel I don’t believe a single word that he just said?”

Apparently, some folks in Basrop County think Jade Helm’s some sort of smoke screen for Barack Obama to invade Texas and take their guns, including Daniel DuCloux:

“I think historically, it’s much more common for governments to be tyrannical and infringe on other’s rights. So when you see a large military build-up like this, I think it’s our duty as citizens to question what’s going on and to find answers. I mean, if we don’t, then who will?”

Gov. Greg Abbot must have heard quite an earful, because radio station KUT.Org reports Abbot’s sending in the state guard to keep a beady eye on this training exercise. Or, as Abbot explains in officialese “monitor” it:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is ordering the Texas State Guard to monitor a two-month long U.S. military exercise scheduled to be held in Bastrop County this summer. The move comes amid suspicions from some residents (and the Internet) about the motivations behind the training.

Abbot also tweeted:

Jade Helm 15 involves over 1,200 Special Operations trainees in seven states:  Texas, Nevada, California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Only 60 of those soldiers are coming to Batsrop County, and the training takes place on private land offered voluntarily and free of charge. Lastoria explained at the town meeting:

“After driving around Texas all of two weeks ago logging in about 900 miles in less than 48 hours, I can see the terrain is very challenging and is going to make our soldiers sweat. And sweating in peacetime is what we want because we want to reduce the bleeding in wartime.”

At least there were a few sane voices in the crowd. Bastrop resident Tom Watts told KXAN:

“If they’re not going to be on the roads, doing road blocks, stopping people or anything, this little exercise here [the meeting] seems to be complete overkill.”

Dan Nichols added:

 “We’re training the military and the special operations people specifically to go out and defend our country so we can have that right.”

That’s right. Here are our tax dollars at work training military forces to protect our God-given American right to promote bizarre conspiracy theories.

Here’s the video with an in-depth news report from KXAN:

And here’s the letter from Gov. Abbott.

Featured photo: cc 2015 Markus Rauchenberger/U.S. Army.