Baltimore FOP Launches ‘My Life Matters’ Campaign After 6 Arrested For Murder (SCREENSHOTS)

While soliciting donations for the six police officers who were arrested and charged in connection with the murder of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police decided they were not quite being insensitive enough to the family of the victim by pretending that his six murderers’ legal issues are somehow worthy of pity.

But how could they make their campaign in support of killer cops more disgusting? What could they possibly do to definitively show that Baltimore’s police force is completely out of touch with the rest of society?

Oh. Yes. That’s right — with a “Me, me, me!” hashtag campaign on Twitter. On Monday, the Baltimore City FOP began tweeting out photos of clueless police officers with #MyLifeMatters written on their hands in an attempt to parody the #BlackLivesMatter campaign:

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No one is saying that the lives of police officers do not matter — and, yes, each life is precious. However, the #BlackLivesMatter campaign exists because people need to be reminded of that fact.

3.66 African-Americans per million died in arrest-related homicides between 2003 and 2009, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. When one realizes that white people are killed in the same situation at a rate of less than 1 per million — nearly four times the rate — the problem becomes absolutely evident.

In other words, if you are confronted by a police officer, it is most dangerous to be black.

By contrast, in terms of how dangerous their job is, police barely crack the top ten. “Transportation incidents” are one of the most common causes of death in that particular profession. About 38 police officers have been killed in 2015 to date — a fraction of the number of citizens killed by police in January alone.

Yes, police lives matter — just as much as everyone else’s. Unfortunately, our “boys in blue” across the nation continually miss the point.