Cops To White People: Stop Getting Freaked Out By Your Black Neighbors (SCREENSHOTS)

With the stigma of racism facing all law enforcement because of the actions of officers who murder 12-year-old African-American boys almost on sight for holding a toy gun, or African-American men for picking up a toy gun in a Walmart, or for reaching for their ID as commanded by a police officer, or for Cosplaying, or for allegedly selling loose cigarettes, it is easy to forget that there are some good cops out there.

However, one (verified) law enforcement officer on Reddit has a request for the racists in his and every community: Stop freaking out about your black neighbors!

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“Ya know, I’m just going to complain and get some stuff off my chest,” writes user sf7, who explains that he was dispatched to a call for “suspicious activity,” only to learn that the “issue” was two black males attempting to jump start a car at 9:30 in the morning.

“People. People. People. If you’re going to be a racist, stereotypical jerk…keep it to yourself,” sf7 writes. “Don’t call the police and make them get involved into your douchebaggery.”

Amipow,” another police officer, also shared his experiences with racism in his community:

I got a call once about someone illegally fishing in a community pond. The complainant advised that they had lived there for years, and knew that the person fishing didn’t live in the community.

Once I arrive, I see a middle aged black man fishing in the pond. He looks over when I pull up and immediately approaches me. He said, “Let me guess, my racist neighbors called again saying that I didn’t live here.”

“Yes, sir. That is what the caller said.”

“Here’s my license. I’ve lived here for 10 years, and they call on me every once and a while.”

“I’m sorry to have bothered your fishing. Have a good day, and good luck with your horrible neighbors.”

Another, going by the username TeenageExplorer, recalled a time someone wanted something done about a black man walking down the street:

My personal favorite:

TeenageExplorer standing @ traffic post

Mother with child: Excuse me?

Me: Yes ma’am?

Mother with child: Did you see that guy walk down my street?

Recalls man walking down the street, he waved at me and I waved back

Me: Yea, do you know him?

Mother with child: I mean I’ve seen him a few times before, he just is out of place here. Can you like do something about that? Him being here?

Recalls man was black

Me: Ma’am, I can’t personally do anything, I’m just here to direct traffic and I have to remain here until told otherwise. praying she’ll walk away

Mother with Child: Could you call your boss then?


Me: Ma’am, there’s an officer down the street if you’d like to talk with him. But there’s nothing saying he can’t walk down the street so I don’t know if he will be able to do anything either.

Mother with child: Fine. walks away annoyed

We frequently get calls about black men and woman and kids, yes fucking kids, walking. Like WWB was actually a crime and not a Twitter joke.

Another (retired) officer, “tbird412,” recalled a time that a woman called the police to report a meter reader in a marked truck who was changing the batteries in his equipment:

Oh I had a 54P (same call) once that turned out to be the fucking water meter reader! He had one of those new age things that could read the meter remotely from his vehicle. But it had died and he was replacing the batteries so he was stopped in front of the house he was reading.

He was a black guy. Nice subdivision. His S10 pickup was old but it did have the magnetic signs on it. It was like 2pm.

Lady called scared to death because some black guy was sitting in his truck across from her house.

Made me wanna throw up, seriously ignorant. And we send two units to all 54 calls.

EDIT: Crap, second time now I thought I was posting in /r/AskLEO where I am verified. Sorry about that. City cop retired for what it’s worth.

The thread is filled to the brim with similar stories, all of which carry one message: Stop being racists, white people!

It’s good advice for everyone, especially given the problems in the poster’s own profession, which kills black teenagers at 21 times the rate of white teens. Overall, black people are killed by law enforcement at more than three times the rate of white people.

It’s refreshing be reminded that there are some police officers who are not part of the problem.