‘Kill Gays To Cure AIDS’ Pastor Wants Bakery So He Can Refuse To Serve ‘F*ggots’ (VIDEO)

Pastor Stephen Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona said in December that he has discovered the Biblical solution to AIDS: The mass extermination of every single gay person on the planet.

Despite the outrage, condemnation, and overall opposition to his vehement claim that ” if you executed the homos like God recommends, you wouldn’t have all this AIDS running rampant,” Anderson is sticking to his incredibly stupid guns.

In his Sunday sermon, Anderson finally touched on the controversy surrounding Memories Pizza, the Indiana pizza shop that took advantage of Indiana’s “religious freedom” legislation to announce that they would deny some services to gay people — and, of course, Sweet Cakes By Melissa, an Oregon bakery that will be fined up to $150,000 for its refusal to bake a cake for a lesbian couple (in violation of Oregon law).

According to Anderson, Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” was about “giving people the right to refuse service unto homos or something when they’re trying to get married and do their thing.”

However, according to the pastor, this was all ruined when the Governor explained that “we don’t want anyone to misunderstand the law because we don’t want anyone to think that they don’t have to serve homos because they do.”

“Then what is the law,” asked Anderson. “What was it even for, then?”

Then Anderson asked a question that has been on everyone’s mind since the owners of Memories Pizza announced that they would not provide pizzas to “gay” weddings: “Who in the world gets their wedding catered from a cheap pizza place?”

“And then all of the sodomites of the world are just raging and infuriated at this pizza place,” he continued, explaining that the “weakling cowards” who own Memories shut down because of unsubstantiated threats.

“Who are these perverts who ordered a pizza for the wedding?” Anderson asked. “Who has ever been to a wedding where it’s like ‘hey, let’s order the cheapest pizza around, and let’s cater the wedding like that?’ Please don’t raise your hand.”

“These people are doubly perverted,” Anderson said, referencing any “homos” who would have pizza at their wedding, “Because not only are you perverting nature by being a sodomite, you’re catering your wedding with cheap pizza.”

After that, Anderson moved on to Sweet Cakes By Melissa, who he says was “fined 150,000” because “they would not bake the cake for the sodomite wedding.”

“This might surprise you, but I don’t feel sorry for her at all,” Anderson said. “You know what? [Melissa’s husband] deserves to be working as a garbage man. He deserves to have his wages garnished. And she deserves to lose her bakery shop.”

Lest you think that Anderson suddenly turned over a new leaf, his reasoning had nothing to do with discrimination being wrong. The problem with Sweet Cakes, and with Memories, is that they don’t discriminate enough.

“They are compromising, and they are not standing for the word of God, and they are tools of the media to brainwash you!” Anderson screamed. “TO BRAINWASH YOU! They are just TOOLS OF THE MEDIA TO BRAINWASH YOU, and to LIE TO YOU, and TO DECEIVE YOU!”

“We love serving queers,” he said of both businesses because they both claim they will accept gay customers for non-wedding-related purposes. “Well, we don’t serve queers in this church.”

“And I don’t own a bakery, but I’m fittin’ to open one,” he continued. “I’m gonna open a bakery! And if they walk in, I’m not going to say ‘Well, I don’t want to hurt their feelings. What’s the Bible say, my friend?”

Anderson rambled on:

“The media has been brainwashing you week after week and month after month and day after day to get you to think it’s all about gay marriage, gay marriage, gay marriage, gay marriage. Don’t let them, don’t let them bake the cake. Don’t bake the cake, don’t bake the cake, don’t bake the cake.

“Yeah, if they come, I can serve them. Yup, I don’t want to hurt their feelings. Yup, I love them. Yup, don’t bake the cake. Yup, but just but just but just not the marriage, just don’t let them get married.”

“NO,” Anderson screamed as he kicked his podium hard. “I don’t care if they get married. That’s not what the Bible says!”

“The Bible does not say ‘Don’t hurt their feelings.’ The Bible calls them beasts!”

“Who thinks it’s a hard decision if some f*ggot wants you to bake them a wedding cake?” Anderson yelled after condemning Melissa’s “liberal church” that teaches her to refuse service to gay people for weddings but not to refuse service all the time. “Anybody struggling with that right now?”

“She’s not taking a stand at all,” he explained to his congregation. “She is part of what is destroying America.”

Anderson then let his congregation know what makes him mad: “Christians, so called, who will not stand on the word of God, and who bow down and kowtow to these filthy perverts” by preaching inclusiveness.

In the past, Anderson has prayed for the death of President Obama, informed women that their opinions are not worthwhile enough for them to be able to so much as say “amen,” in church, and engaged in numerous anti-Semitic rants — because, unlike those Christians who preach love and tolerance, he’s one of the “real ones.”

Makes sense, right?

It’s no wonder his church is classified as a hate group.

Watch Anderson’s latest bit of hate speech, below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWELqsqUFZk?rel=0&showinfo=0&w=640&h=360]