Jeb Bush Says George W. Is His Top Adviser On Middle East Policy

As you may have heard, former President George W. Bush has a younger brother and he wants to play president, too!

So far in Jeb Bush’s nascent (but already heavily favored) primary campaign, he has gone to great lengths to distance himself from his brother. “I am my own man,” became Jeb’s motto. Normally, an older sibling who already sat in the Oval Office would be a great person to have in your corner, so why has Jeb been running from George? Because George W. Bush’s presidency was by most accounts a complete disaster; his approval ratings leaving office were historically bad, and being associated with him is generally regarded as political suicide.

It may explain why until recently George W. Bush has spent more time painting than campaigning. And the elder Bush has kept fairly quiet about his brother’s own run at the White House.

However, recently Jeb appears to have had a change of heart about throwing his brother to the wolves. In a recent meeting (albeit, a private one) he confessed to potential campaign supporters that his older brother was one of his main advisers on the Middle East.

“What you need to know is that who I listen to when I need advice on the Middle East is George W. Bush.”

The attendees were reportedly, and quite understandably, shocked by the revelation.

George W. Bush is arguably the last person in the world you’d want informing your Middle East decisions as president. While there are many people who think they have solutions to complex, difficult problems in the region, Bush is one of the few living people to actually be able to say he put his solutions into action — and they were an absolute disaster. Bush, and his war-hungry gaggle of advisers, did just about everything wrong. There was the regional instability created when Bush pushed America into a vanity war with Iraq without any plan for making it a safer nation after the bombs stopped falling. The lies created by Bush, Powell, and Cheney, and repeated endlessly by the media to get us into war. The war crimes. The other war crimes. The failure to get Osama Bin Laden. The nearly-universal international hatred towards America for warmongering. And while Sarah Palin once tried (and failed) to accuse Obama of “palling around with terrorists,” there is a direct line between the boneheaded disaster Bush created in Iraq and the formation of ISIS.

The list goes on and on.

The idea that Jeb would willingly solicit advice from the guy who did all that is so mind blowing that it seems likely that many of his defenders will argue that he was misquoted, or it was out of context, or that he misspoke. Already, we are starting to see signs of Jeb’s campaign frantically backtracking. According to a spokesman, Bush was talking only about Israel, a suggestion CNN sources at the talk emphatically deny.

I beg them to consider this:

Just a few days after he admitted he was getting advice from his brother on the Middle East, Jeb went on Fox News to tell Megyn Kelly: Yeah, I would have invaded Iraq, too. He seems to not only get occasional advice from George W., but demonstrate the same kind of criminally incompetent thinking that led to his brother’s biggest foreign policy failures. In a very real way, Jeb’s presidency is looking like it would shape up to be a George W. Bush sequel.

That sound you hear? It might be the whoosh of Jeb Bush losing the election before he even began.