Racist Georgia School Founder Blames ‘The Devil’ For Her Graduation-Destroying Rant (VIDEO)

Damn you, Satan! According to TNT Academy Principal Nancy Gordeuk, her racist tirade at her school’s graduation last week was not her fault — it was all that dastardly Devil’s doing.

Ever since video of her complaint that “black people” were leaving after she prematurely dismissed the graduation ceremony without allowing the valedictorian to speak went viral, Gordeuk has been fauxpologizing for her words — though she maintains that the “disruptive” crowd, not her own negligence and horrific attitude, ruined the ceremony.

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“When I looked up all I saw was black families leaving, and thus the comment,” she told NBC News in an effort to explain away her actions. Of course, video of the incident shows numerous white people leaving before a single African-American chose to do so. In an apology letter, Gordeuk attempted to blame her “frustration” with people leaving after she told them to:

“Frustrated with the prospect of ruining the once-in-a-lifetime ceremony the graduates have worked so hard for, my emotions got the best of me and that is when I blurted out ‘you people are being so rude to not listen to this speech. I deeply apologize for my actions made in the emotional state of trying to let this last student finish his speech.”

In an e-mail to parents, Gordeuk laid the blame squarely where it belongs: “the Devil”:

“A terrible mistake on my part of the graduation ceremony on Friday night. The devil was in the house and came out from my mouth. I deeply apologize for my racist comment and hope that forgiveness in in your hearts.”

Her “apology” was not well-received:

Though she admitted it was a racist statement, Gordeuk said the opposite when speaking to KABC-TV. Gordeuk said:

“It was not a statement of racism. It was just my frustration. I’m sorry it happened. So sorry, but God has forgiven me and we’ll just go on from there.”

While it’s sweet that God has forgiven her, Gordeuk seems unable to rid her house of that pesky devil. In his mother’s defense, Gordeuk’s son challenged her detractors (all of them) to a fight, and was sure to slide the “n-word” in there somewhere:

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“What was rude wad somone standing up during the ceremony and walking around with a tablet with somthing wrote on it that was rude now regaurdless my moma not racist one bit she’s done nothing but help kids so yall need to get stories straight,” Travis Gordeuk explained.

It’s extremely tiring that anytime someone say something horrifically bigoted, they a.) blame the “devil” and b.) claim God has forgiven them. Perhaps Gordeuk should try something new. Maybe, just maybe, she should dispense with this “devil” nonsense and own her bigotry. Admission of a problem is the first step to recovery, after all.

Watch a report on the “apology” below:

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