Conservative Radio Host Lambasts Jeb Bush’s ‘I’d Invade Iraq, Too’ Insanity To His Face (AUDIO)

There’s been a small amount of uproar in the wake of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s interview with Fox News Megyn Kelly, Monday. Even Uncle Sam, himself, had to scrape his jaw off the floor after hearing Bush tell Kelly he would invade Iraq all over again, just like his brother, W. did, knowing then what he knows now. The Statue of Liberty had to lift her skirt to keep it above all the bullshit, and right-wing radio host Laura Ingraham had no choice as a rational person but to lambast one of the biggest frontrunners for the 2016 presidential race of her party — Old Jeb “Don’t-Call-Me-Georgie” Bush.

Ingraham said to Bush, Monday, on her show:

“You can’t still think that going into Iraq, now, as a sane human being, was the right thing to do.”

She said:

“If you do, there has to be something wrong with you.”

Bush had already interviewed with Kelly, which was set to air later that same day on Fox News, when he made the remark that set off Ingraham and has left a lot of people baffled, even on the right.

Bush responded to Kelley’s question regarding whether he would invade Iraq as his brother did had he been privy to today’s information:

“I would, and so would have Hillary Clinton, just to remind everybody.”

Bush’s response put another crack in the Liberty Bell. Mt. Rushmore crumbled a little more at the corner of each president’s eyes, and Ingraham nearly shit her 100 percent cotton, American-made unmentionables in disbelief. She protested:

“No Hillary wouldn’t! Hillary wouldn’t authorize the war now if she knew what she knows now.”

Ingraham began free-falling down the rabbit hole that was Jeb Bush’s response. It was unbelievable, shocking, stupefying to believe he could say he would do it all over again. Ingraham grasped through the madness that is the Republican Party — swirling around her — swatting out for any foundation to grasp onto, almost begging in final protest, her voice cracking a sliver from madness:

“That’s just a fun hypothetical, but you have to say no to that! You can’t say, ‘Yes, I still would have gone into Iraq.’”

Right? RIGHT?

But Ingraham wasn’t really freefalling at all. She was actually drilling Jeb right there on the spot, pushing him yet again to rethink his Mad Hatter response, to separate himself from his brother, father, and the Bush legacy in the Middle East by showing the world that he is his own man, and that he thinks for himself.

Alas, that was not to be, so much, for Jeb Bush. Expecting him to separate from a political dynasty and think for himself as “his own man” makes about as much sense as expecting nearly any other candidate to separate from his or her lobbyist sugar-daddies in yet another golden era for corporate and political corruption.

Ingraham said she didn’t think Bush saying anything but “Hell no!” (author’s words) would suffice if he had any real dreams of reaching the presidency in 2016. She stated:

“You have to have someone who says, look, I’m a Republican but I’m not an idiot! I’m not stupid! I can learn from the past and I improve myself.”

But there are a couple of scenarios few are mentioning in which Bush’s response is not only far from crazy, but makes a whole lot of sense.

The first scenario is simply a miscommunication with the press gotten out of control. Bush may be responding that even knowing what he knows now, he would have still invaded Iraq as his brother, George W., did, and as he says Hillary Clinton and anyone would have, based on the knowledge they had at the time and the press is taking him for answering that he would still invade Iraq back then should he have all the information we have now.


The second scenario is that if one considers for a moment that perhaps the Bush family agenda in the Middle East is actually not for the benefit of America but for the benefit of… something else, it easily becomes clear that there may be reasons, such as profit, that Jeb would still invade Iraq no matter what. Right? That’s not too hard to believe. After all, there must be a reason he would still willingly, aggressively invade another country knowing that all reasons for doing so have long been proven a year’s worth of fertilizer.

Neither of those reasons would be particularly shocking or surprising, unfortunately. It’s a poor state of affairs in the U.S. of A. these days. Bush is either as big a fool as the media plays him for, or he’s simply telling the truth with a different agenda in mind than the public assumes. Not to be too cynical, but the latter seems about as likely a scenario as any anymore, and it’s exactly why Jeb Bush’s response to Megyn Kelly may not be quite as unbelievable as folks may think.

Featured image: via Flickr/GageSkidmore