Poll: 60% Of GOPers Hate Jeb Bush, Say They’ll Stay Home In 2016 If He’s The Nominee (SCREENSHOTS)

It seems Republicans are just as skeptical of another Bush presidency as Democrats. A recent poll released by Game Changer PAC not only places Jeb with less than one percent support amongst likely Republican voters, it shows that nearly 60% would stay home for the general election in 2016 if he’s the GOP nominee for president.

The poll, consisting of answers from more than 2000 likely Republican primary voters, has Rand Paul out in front by a comfortable margin, and Jeb Bush coming in just below party dimwit Sarah Palin, a write-in.


Respondents asked if they would stay home rather than support a party that nominated a particular candidate picked Bush as reprehensible enough to cause them to not bother voting at all in the general election almost three-to-one over the next most-despised candidate.


While Game Changer PAC is likely not a game-changer, their poll is a real eye-opener for Republicans. While many consider it a foregone conclusion that a rematch, if only in name, of the 1992 presidential election is inevitable, right-wingers are coming out more and more in support of anyone but Jeb Bush.

Democrats can’t stand the thought of Jeb as President because he’s just another Bush. His campaign team is made up of advisers to former Bush presidencies (including George W. himself). The thought of boots on the ground in another war for profit is incomprehensible. More Bush tax cuts for the rich and giveaways to big business intolerable. Further deregulation of Wall Street and the idea that banks can be too big to fail invoke the fear of another Great Recession.

For Republicans, opposing Jeb Bush is another story altogether. They hate immigrants; Jeb’s wife is Mexican. They want an ultra-conservative; Jeb tries to be moderate to attract independents. They think Common Core is a federal law in need of repeal, Jeb supports teachers creating a curriculum based on students’ needs.

In essence, the hateful GOP base doesn’t hate Jeb because he would destroy us fiscally and shove us back into the international doghouse, they hate the only decent things about the man.

The idea of willfully staying home to object to a candidate’s platform when by doing so you’re ensuring a win by a candidate with a platform far worse may seem not in the least bit plausible, but we’ve seen it happen before.

Anyone remember the 2014 midterms?

Image credit: fitsnews.com