President Obama Finally Has A Personal Twitter Account, And It’s The Best Thing Ever (TWEET)

President Obama has had a professional twitter account for quite some time. Generally, they are not his personal tweets; it is usually just generic tweets from the White House confirming things he has said and other fluffy, generic statements that are in no way controversial, and are simply a way to make the twitter-happy folks among the American people feel like their president is speaking directly to him (even though he generally isn’t).

Well, all of that has now changed. After six years in office, President Barack Obama has a personal twitter account.

Well, there ya go, folks! The president is on twitter! Well, what do you hope he tweets? As an avid twitter user, my hopes for his tweeting fall in line with the following:

  • Support for the Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide
  • His thoughts on the #BlackLivesMatter movement
  • Funny anecdotes about his time with everyone’s favorite crazy but wise uncle, Vice President Joe Biden
  • Things about his kids and their aspirations for the future (no pressure, I’m glad Sasha and Malia are largely kept out of the limelight)
  • Funny and sweet moments with everyone’s favorite First Lady, Michelle Obama
  • Admonishments of his fellow supposed “Christians” on the right and their hateful rhetoric
  • Smackdowns of the numbskulls steadily emerging from the clown car of 2016 GOP Presidential hopefuls
  • Support-maybe even an endorsement!- of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, or whomever happens to snag the coveted 2016 Democratic nomination
  • And, last, but not least, his thoughts on what the future of America will look like in the era following the first African-American presidency

No matter what you think of politicians having twitter accounts, this is sure to be gold.

Congratulations, Mr. President, and welcome to the wonderful world of twitter.

Featured Image via screen capture from POTUS twitter