‘Welcome To Twitter, N*gger’: Righties Go FULL RACIST On POTUS Twitter Account (TWEETS)

Well, President Obama finally has his own twitter account, and conservatives didn’t waste any time showing just how racist they really are.

While the president was having fun posting about how his tweets would be his own words to the American people, righties were busy hurling racial slurs in @replies at the POTUS twitter account. For your viewing disgust, here are just a few of the so-called “welcome” messages President Obama received on his newly-created personal account (yes, these are screenshots and not actual tweets, in the event these trolls decide to delete their words like the cowards they are):

POTUS racist 1

POTUS racist 2

POTUS racist 3

As if those initial messages weren’t bad enough, one person tweeted to the sitting President that he should be lynched, complete with image:


Potus racist 4Yet another flat-out threatened to assassinate him:

potus racist 5

I could go on, but you get the idea. If this doesn’t tell you that Barack Obama has handled the unprecedented disrespect and outright hatred directed at him from right-wing racists with the utmost grace and dignity, I don’t know what will.

Well, at least there is one person who thinks the @POTUS account is great: former POTUS Bill Clinton. However, in his own welcome, he didn’t miss an opportunity to plug the idea that he might not be the only member of his immediate family to hold the title of “POTUS.” He even went so far as to not-so-subtly ask if the account might one day be handed over to his wife, should she occupy the office next.

To which President Obama responded:

If the above screenshots are any indication, the @POTUS account will need all the help it can get against so many obvious racists who are now following it. Shameful, but sadly true.

Feature image via Twitter/White House