White Bikers Kill 9 In Texas, Guess How The Police Treat Them? (IMAGES)

If one listens to conservative media and politicians, that person has no choice but to feel that the #Honkeycaust is upon us.

Last year, we learned from Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks that liberals have launched a “war on whites” in their attempts to bring to light that, when it comes to fair treatment in society, skin color (unfortunately) matters. Brooks’ remarks have been echoed ad nauseum throughout conservative media, including from the lying mouth of Glenn Beck, who predicted that Obama and his allies were preparing for a coming “race war” (like the one Brooks mentioned) way back in 2013.

The idea has evolved among conservatives that simply pointing out that something is racist…is a discriminatory act against the pastier segment of society. Unfortunately, the Right has reached a point that, to paraphrase from the “white pride” circle, “anti-racist” is synonymous with “anti-white.”

One common theme in this fictitious war on whites is the belief that African-Americans are unfairly attacking pure, innocent, Caucasian police officers who are simply doing their jobs — like when they shoot a 12-year-old African-American child almost on sight simply for holding a toy gun, gun down an African-American man in Walmart simply for carrying a toy gun he picked up off of a shelf, choke a black man to death for allegedly selling loose cigarettes, or shoot an unarmed black man for following police instructions and reaching for his identification.

In America, police perceive “blackness” as a threat. However, it is always interesting to observe how they react when white people are an actual threat to others around them.

On Sunday, rival biker gangs waged war in Waco, Texas, leaving nine dead and eighteen injured. Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton called the bloody scene “the worst crime scene, the most violent crime scene” in which he has been involved in his entire 34 years of law enforcement.

Ultimately, more than 100 people were detained for questioning, with more than 50 weapons recovered from the scene.

Miraculously, no bystanders or police officers were harmed in the gruesome battle — and, unlike many African-American victims of a distorted form of “justice,” these men posed a threat. One would assume that these men would be under heavy guard. Instead, they had a tea party:

5-18-2015 2-53-35 AM

Obviously, Twitter noticed some differences between how these caucasian criminals and pretty much any African-American ever to encounter a cop.

5-18-2015 2-49-22 AM 5-18-2015 2-50-53 AM 5-18-2015 2-49-56 AM 5-18-2015 2-49-38 AM

Legum notes in an article on ThinkProgress that:

It’s not known if any of the individuals in the photo played a direct role in the violence.

The image, of course, does not depict the full extent of the police response. The Los Angeles Times reported that, out of 150-200 bikers on the scene, “sheriff’s deputies were holding about 20 people wearing leather motorcycle vests — with their boots removed and in flex cuffs — in the parking lot.”

Traditionally, however, white people receive very different treatment from the media than do African-Americans. While protesters in Ferguson and Baltimore are labeled “thugs” — and while some news stations go so far as to edit footage in order to demonize peaceful protesters, when white people rioted in Morgantown, West Virginia over a football game, they were “rowdy” and “unruly” in their “celebration.” On the same night, when white people rioted at a pumpkin festival, “people just got too drunk.”

As for the police, black people are killed by cops at more than three times the rate of whites. While conservatives argue that the true issue is black on black crime, repeatedly asking “WHERE’S AL SHARPTON?” every single time there is an instance of black-on-black or black-on-white violence, the truth is that black on black crime and white-on-white crime are very similar, statistically.

In 2013, it is true that 90 percent of African-American murder victims were killed by other African-Americans. However, roughly 83 percent of white murder victims were killed by other whites. In fact, more white people were killed by their fellow Caucasians that year than the total number African-Americans who were murdered in 2013, period. Statistically, about 7 percent is a very small difference — yet we never hear calls for white leaders to stand up and denounce every single instance of violence involving white people…until now.

Where’s Glenn Beck? Why isn’t Cliven Bundy in Waco right now to take responsibility for the actions of this thuggish mob of bikers? When will we hear Mitt Romney’s thoughts on the culture of violence among white people? Maybe these bikers are the way they are because there are more than 9 million single-parent white households in America. Maybe it’s the level of education — in 2012, 53 percent of failing students were white. Perhaps if they would stop listening to Ted Nugent’s music, drinking Natty Lite, and rubbin’ “chaw,” and would instead hit the books and focus on being productive members of society whites would not grow up to be like these bikers.

All sarcasm aside, there is a problem in America — and one can only imagine the body count if these bikers had been black.

Featured Image via Twitter