Senator Graham Threatens Drone Strikes On Americans

Why, here comes Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina declaring his intent to seek the Office of President of the United States of America. Or not. Instead of the expected announcement, he declared that people should pay attention to a future announcement on June 1st. However, this does not mean he did not take the opportunity to threaten someone. While before he threatened to use the military to stage a coup against Congress, now he’s declared his preference for using drones to execute American citizens without trial.

Speaking in Iowa on Sunday, Senator Graham declared that any U.S. Citizens he even suspected were terrorists would be executed by drone strike.

I’m not going to call a judge. I’m going to call a drone, and we will kill you.

No charges, no evidence, no jury, no trial, just straight up execution against Americans because he believed they were terrorists. But, he was not done, further explaining that, “It’s Obama’s fault.” for the invasion of Iraq, and any Iraqi veterans should blame him for the continuing disintegration within the region.

With the insanity of other 2016 GOP candidates, Senator Graham seems almost sane, even if bloodthirsty and lacking an understanding of the division of powers set forth in our Constitution. He is being honest and forthright with his desire to turn the Presidency from a mere executive into an absolute dictator and Congress a mere rubber stamp to his will.

Perhaps the good Senator from South Carolina should just give it up before he makes a real mess of it. But, this is the Republican Presidential Campaign. The messy candidates won’t give it up until the bitter end, as history shows us.

So much for avoiding the spectacle of the 2012 campaign. The circus is in town, and there is no ringmaster. Lindsay Graham is likely not to be the Presidential nominee, but the impact in this campaign is already shaping up to be significant.

Because nothing says small government like using the military to arrest Congress and drone strikes to kill Americans.