4 Home-Schooled Brothers Guilty Of Molesting Their Sister – Anyone Seeing A Trend?

A Wake Forest, North Carolina family’s legal troubles surrounding the molestation of one of their own is coming to a head. Four of the six brothers accused of abusing their sister over a period of nine years have pleaded guilty to the crime.

The Jackson family, led by anti-schoolers John and Nita, are 11 strong. Nine of those 11 are involved in the case. The story came to light when oldest brother Eric became a reborn Christian and confessed his sins to his pastor, who turned the information over to police.

When they heard the law was coming for them, John and Nita fled to Colorado with the victim of the crimes to keep her from being interviewed. They were caught and returned to Wake Forest, where a story of sexual abuse that went on for nearly a decade came out and eight indictments were handed down.

Now, nearly three years later, justice is finally being served. Oldest brothers Eric and Matthew will be serving 12 to 15 years in prison for first degree sexual assault. Two other brothers, Nathaniel and Benjamin, will serve two years each for multiple counts of incest with three years of probation after that.

One brother is still expected to plead guilty, and one is intent on standing trial. The girl’s parents are currently in jail awaiting an August court date for child neglect, child abuse, and accessory to sexual abuse charges.

The brothers wept in remorse in court and said they would do “whatever God called them to do” to make amends. Their sister and victim told them “Forgiveness is not mine to give – it’s God’s. You need to take it up with Him.”

The girl told the police that her mother had witnessed the crimes against her at least once and simply walked away. Maybe God will forgive her as well.

Large rural homeschooled families that talk an awful lot about God is a trending story recently as Josh Duggar, of the reality show 19 Kids and Countingadmitted that he had himself molested multiple girls, including his own sisters.

Duggar won’t face charges for his crimes, as a three-year statute of limitations has long since passed, but hopefully the repercussions financially to he and his parents, who found out about the crimes and did nothing, lose their following, their show and their livelihood.

Featured image: Wake Forest Police via WTKR.com